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wrench light on /check engine light on

went to local car show drove car about 5miles set all day started it up after show it died right away and restarted it ran rough wrench light came on I shut it down restarted it ran ok a couple mins ran ok and than check engine came on got a couple miles ran rough wrench light came on shut it down waited a few mins came on home got almost home ran rough finally got it in garage check engine still on any ideas only mod's I have done is airaid cold air intake change out and oil separator , going to try to get it into dealer tomorrow should I take the oil separator off


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Bringing your car to the dealer stock is always a good idea.

I had to have a relearn for crank sensor because of a check engine light and limp mode. Dealer initially refused warranty claim because of "Modifications". So I invited him to show me the engine mods? None there. Brakes, suspension, safety mods, oh yea.
With a cold air intake and a breather can, you open the door to a refused warranty claim. Why go down that road if not needed?

If you had the hood up at the show, I would check for loose connections on the engine harnesses. Just ensure all is snapped together tightly. Lots of "Special People" at car shows.

Good luck with the repairs.
If you have a JLT type oil separator don't worry about it but if you have a 302S style breather with the PVC removed I'd put the stock pieces back on. Definitely remove the Airaid intake.


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Just my $.02,
If you removed the sound tube when you installed the CAI, check to make sure that the cap/plug is still installed on the intake or that it is tight.

Someone remove one from my friends 2012 during a car show. Same exact symptoms. He went to leave and it stalled. Got it running, started home. Engine light came on. It stalled. No power. He limped it home (barely).

We started checking under the hood for anything loose or anything that could have been "touched".

When he went to start it up, we could hear air getting sucked in. Checked the intake: everything was tight but the cap was gone.

He replaced the cap, it ran fine. I think he had to disconnect the negative terminal so it would do a MAP reset or learn.

Good Luck,

hi thanks I checked everything today never found anything but did move all the plugs etc and took battery cable off and it reset it ran fine today thanks for the help
shelbygt350s said:
hi thanks I checked everything today never found anything but did move all the plugs etc and took battery cable off and it reset it ran fine today thanks for the help

don't be so quick to move on, if this issue came on without warning once it will do it in the future. Get a can of starting fluid and spray it around all of your vacuum lines and intake area. if it revs up at all (while idling) it could show a small vacuum leak.

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