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I was considering your CF5 wheels and tires. I did not have anybody contact me about the possibility of splitting up the tires and wheels. But if you may some use for the new Toyo tires and may be interested in what your price is for just the CF5 wheels since the cost seemed about split between the tires and wheels. Let me know a wheel price please.
Newbie here, but not a newbie to sports cars. Over the years '67 Firebird, '76 280Z, 2010 350Z, '95 Porsche 968, '02 SLK32 AMG, '08 CLK55 AMG, '06 SLK55 AMG and now '14 GT/CS. Glad to be here!
My name is Dave. I've always been a camaro guy and my wife was the mustang girl. She has had an 11 and 12 v6, a 15 EcoBoost, and currently has a 16 gt/cs. I've driven camaros for over 20 years. I still currently have a 68 SS, and a 00 z/28. I just traded my 13 1LE on my 18 gt350! I love it and cant wait to get on the track with it.
I have a shop here in indy and am starting to do more mustang builds.
Welcome 2Morrow - wondering if this is the same member from M6G. I remember reading your build thread over there a couple years back. Hope to see you participating here on TMO. ;)
Hi Ludachris,

Yep, that's me! M6G and all the Facebook pages have filled up with either dumbasses, blowhards or trolls so I came here for a change of scenery lol.

I'm still getting used to navigating the landscape here but I'll definitely be an active participant soon.

Thanks for reaching out and stay safe in this new crazy world!

-Todd Morrow
Hey Todd, glad to have you here. It's obviously a smaller group due to the focus on track enthusiasts, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'd like to bring in more track enthusiasts but I'd also like to keep the small community feel. I just recently took over the site in December and upgraded the forum software and added in a few features. If you have any suggestions, feel free to PM me.

Be safe.