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  1. 69stang

    Thanks loyal Racers

    Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and your family as well, yes I'm hoping their going to want to go to the race track often and not like Chevy lol that's my wish the rest is all a blessing. PS love that race BOSS of yours.
  2. 69stang

    Thanks loyal Racers

    Lol yes I have a 2 year old and 7 year old full siblings that me and my wife adopted and I'm hoping to get both of them involved in the Stangs.
  3. 69stang

    S197 2013 Boss 302

    Look like twin's, beautiful car, it and the 12 blaze to me are the most eye catching of the bosses imo.
  4. 69stang

    Thanks loyal Racers

    Thanks for all the kind words and knowledge about subjects I study continuously and will never stop learning y'all have a really good forum here I'm glad I found it.
  5. 69stang

    S197 2012 Boss 302

    Thanks there are some nice cars and loyal lead foot Mustang enthusiast here right up my alley.
  6. 2013 Boss 302

    2013 Boss 302

  7. 69stang

    S197 2013 Boss 302

    This is the Build Thread for 2013 Boss 302. Reply below.
  8. 69stang

    S197 2012 Boss 302

    This is the Build Thread for 2013 Boss 302. Reply below.
  9. 2012 Boss 302

    2012 Boss 302

  10. 69 Grande Mustang

    69 Grande Mustang

  11. 69stang

    Gen1 69 Grande Mustang

    This is the Build Thread for 69 Grande Mustang. Reply below.