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  • Kona.coyote5.0
    Haven't posted much this winter but thought I'd update the thread a bit.Car is going to Ultima Race Works this next week to get a Moroso baffled oil pan installed. Also picking up a Watson roll bar from my NASA instructor (he put a full cage... (see full post)
  • jarredc900
    jarredc900 replied to the thread S197 2012 Boss 302.
    The car is timeless man. Love to hear you're still enjoying yours! (see full post)
  • jarredc900
    jarredc900 replied to the thread S197 2012 Boss 302.
    It's hard to match the way that roadrunner revs honestly. I am currently running SVE 19x10 wheels all the way around with 285 RE71RS. (see full post)
  • Bill Pemberton
    Not sure guys, but I think Bugs is commenting on Portland International Raceway, which has the same initials as Pittsburg International Raceway. Just a guess , but with an Idaho address that makes more sense for an HPDE.Bugs, I do what you do... (see full post)
  • Bill Pemberton
    Well do let us now how you like it when you get back and can hit the track. Congrats on getting one of the most memorable Mustangs ever built and welcome to TMO! (see full post)
  • JAJ replied to the thread Daytona 2024.
    Hmmm... I'm with AJ on this one. The wing's downforce acts at a distance behind and above (or below) the car's pitch center. The car's pitch center is like the car's roll center, except it's about fore-aft attitude (pitch) changes under... (see full post)
  • 302BOB
    302BOB replied to the thread DOW 23,000+ today?.
    My old moniker at an old investing site was "No Risk No Loss" reply to the "No Risk No gain" philosophy....I don't know who wins here....But they tell me if you don't buy a lotto ticket you can't win...if you don't buy one, you can't... (see full post)
  • This is the Build Thread for Shadow Black GT350R. Reply below.
  • RevinKevinO added a vehicle profile titled Road Race Shadow Black GT350R to S550 Mustangs.
    • 20240113_114811.jpg
    • 20240113_114906.jpg
    • 20240113_114836.jpg
  • 302BOB
    302BOB replied to the thread SN95 The Unicorn.
    She's not lettin you go after 18 yrs..........your're in it for the long haul...........enjoy it, it's worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!...........That's what Hon reminds sometime.......She don't have to.............. (see full post)
  • White95
    White95 replied to the thread SN95 The Unicorn.
    Yes sir, I will document my finding and repairs. “Never miss an opportunity to upgrade” is my motto.First and foremost, an on-board fire extinguisher, as well as battery cut off switch(es) are being planned.I’ve always had a soft spot for... (see full post)
  • 302BOB
    302BOB replied to the thread S197 2012 Boss 302.
    Nice to hear the Boss is still in the conversation........I'll have mine 13 yrs in Oct........still not missing a beat and loving every second I take that bad boy out for some exercise............:hellyeah:....Heart Doc says keep it under 6K... (see full post)
  • Bill Pemberton
    Bill Pemberton replied to the thread S197 2012 Boss 302.
    Having owned three Boss 302s I will agree they are a super fun machine and one of my favorite cars of all times. Yet, once I slapped on a set of Apex 19x11s, some GT4 racing studs from Capaldi Racing, maxed out the Handling Package front camber... (see full post)
  • HI RPM replied to the thread S197 2012 Boss 302.
    Thank you for sharing the transmission swap info.As a past 2013 BOSS owner, I can say that 3160 is exactly what that car needed. I currently own a 2022 Mach 1 HP car. Its great in its own rite, but IMHO, it doesn't deliver the thrilling drive... (see full post)
  • steveespo
    I know S197 platform too, so if you ever have any questions, just message. (see full post)

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