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  1. Min Bump Travel Recommendations

    3-4" of travel is the ideal number you want. So I wouldn't say 1.45" is low, maybe below avg. You can always use a more progressive rubber, or an even smaller bump rubber in general.
  2. DSC Sport Suspension Tuning for MRC

    "G Comfort Parameters box The G Comfort Parameters Box determines ride quality when there is little to no G Force. The G Comfort Parameters Box can be set to any G-Force value, thereby influencing ride quality from 0G’s to 0.4G’s in any direction, for example.Default Rate – This is the...
  3. Long term suspension project

    I wanted to give an update to this post. I have the shock dyno and I have been tinkering with how I want to achieve my goal. Some of my initial numbers were off by a small amount and I needed to revise how I was calculating the changes to the damper curve. My main hangup right now is getting a...
  4. some upgrades for an amateur?

    I was asking because I want to swap to 18" wheels. But I have not found any info on which ones clear the gt350 brakes.
  5. some upgrades for an amateur?

    I recommend SPL control arms instead of camber plates for the gt350 the apex 18" don't clear the brake calipers correct?
  6. Coilover choice: Ohlins vs ??

    All in agreement here it seems, I always aim for slight O/S in low speed and slight U/S in high speed turns. It takes a lot of guess work out of the equation and I can focus on driving more than "managing" the car, if that makes sense.
  7. Coilover choice: Ohlins vs ??

    The far north site has some good info. I regularly refer people to that site because of how well the info is explained.
  8. Coilover choice: Ohlins vs ??

    Nnno... That is not what I said at all. I just wanted to show it was not a number pulled from thin air. There is no commandment "Thou shalt trust and not verify". In fact, I said"I would agree that low speed can be 1.0< (critical) **edit got my greater than sign wrong** especially if chassis...
  9. Coilover choice: Ohlins vs ??

    I can corroborate 95% of this anecdotally with my own trial and error. I would agree that low speed can be 1.0< (critical) especially if chassis control was very important to the engineer or driver. It's not wrong. The car wants what the car wants for a given setup at a given track.I will say...
  10. Coilover choice: Ohlins vs ??

    Not sure what you want? It doesn't matter if Penske developed it on a shaker rig or not in MOST cases. They did do it though for the shelby kit because not all shelby owners mess with valving. Based on the damper curves supplied with them I do think they are the best I have seen other than...
  11. Coilover choice: Ohlins vs ??

    Shelby has them listed @ $5200Penske confirmed the rear shocks are 7500 series shocks. However the fronts are not exactly standard. They use a larger 7/8" diameter shaft and are kind of a one off strut insert. Still take apart and tunable but I am not sure with what parts exactly since the...
  12. Coilover choice: Ohlins vs ??

    Called shelby, the guy I talked to doesn't know anything about these shocks. I called Penske, the sales manager for shelby used to work at Penske and if you get him he does know. Penske did answer all my questions. These shocks are take apart // self serviceable, you can buy their pistons and...
  13. Coilover choice: Ohlins vs ??

    Cortex uses JRI which was founded by ex Penske guys. Wouldn't surprise me if any similarities exist. Although I'd be surprised if they were developed on a shaker rig.
  14. Coilover choice: Ohlins vs ??

    Thank you for the indulgence. I do know there are some GT3 and GT4 cars which do have F-R or near F-R frequencies. I also know that there are more than one valid way to achieve a setup. The same way some setups do not run bump rubbers and others do (with similar success). I have yet to see...
  15. Coilover choice: Ohlins vs ??

    Flat ride is a personal preference for me. There is a lot of theory regarding transmissibility and flat ride does have some trade offs in that regard. Flat ride is a valid alternative, IMO justified by the use in OEMS (Ford, Ferrari, GM, etc). I would also argue that reducing pitch, or...