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  1. Whiskeypapaaa

    Wheels for sale!

    So I currently have couple parts for sale. i have Apex wheels EC7 19x11, 5x114.5, ET52: 1600$ Spacers 50$ ARP extended lugs and nuts (new): 190$ This is everything you need to run the wheels on any S550. No tires included. Currently located in central Texas. Can ship but will be on your dime...
  2. magneticskyline

    Apex SM-10 19x11

    Apex sm-10 19x11 et52 with used NT01 tires$1,400 obo - Bay Area, CaliforniaThe wheels currently have a pretty used set of NT01’s on them (tread depth indicators still show some life in them)The previous owner of the wheels did I believe 2 track weekends on the wheels. Weird reason that...
  3. Scurdy

    Track Car Part out (SOCAL)

    Hello boy and gals!I'm parting out my car for sale and I have these items listed for sale. I will post pictures up shortly:1. Oxford white trunk (with camera, so its a direct swap for those who run 2 trunk setups like me) with APR GT-250 67" wing mounted and Ford performance blank decklid...
  4. Fresh Apex SM-10 wheels GT350 spec for sale

    I recently purchased a great set of Apex Wheels for my 2017 GT350. I bought SM-10 in 19x11.5 56mm offset for the rear and 19x11 26mm offset for the front. I had them mounted and drove on them for a couple days but my plans for the car have changed. I am selling the car now and they do not want...
  5. TeamMOTU

    GT350 Square Apex SM-10 11.5” setup

    I bought 4 Apex SM-10 11.5” wheels for the GT350 for the purpose of running square Hoosier R7’s 315/30x19 (which I run a lot on other wheels). Trying save $$ and get more sessions out of each set of R7’s by rotating of course. I haven’t run this setup yet, but have test fitted them in the...
  6. Mad Hatter

    Just in our Narrow Track Vision..... Are alloy Wheel prices going to go up???

    With the tariffs going into affect for imported alloys etc.... Does this mean that Forgestar and Apex wheels etc will be going up 25%. Seems that almost all affordable wheels are made in China now...Lucky I just bought my Apex wheels!