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brake pads

  1. Howitzer

    S550 Brakes - Swapping Street and Track

    What are you guys doing for brakes where your car still see's street use? Are you swapping back to some kind of street pad with compatible compound or do you have a separate set of brake pads and rotors just for street? Or do you just bear through the dust and noise?My car is about 60/40...
  2. Race/Track Brake Pads for Brembo XA2 "Pro" Calipers

    Have three sets of race/track brake pads to fit Brembo "Pro" XA2 calipers. Nominal pad size is 25mm thickness x 132mm length.1x set PFC01, very lightly used (1-2mm of pad wear) - $200 shipped 2x sets Pagid RS14, NEW/Unused - $250 ea shipped -OR- $450 for both sets shipped-OR-buy all 3 sets...
  3. mprichar87

    Pagid Brake Pads F&R - brand new in box

    Set of Pagid front RST2 pads & rear RST4 pads that fit Boss 302 Brembo calipers.Brand new, never mounted or used. $350 obo. Really just want them gone.Willing to ship, located in the Bay Area, CA.Possibly split up the F & R sets if a desire arises.
  4. SavetheManuals

    G-Loc R12 Feedback

    Just installed the G-Loc R12 pads on the front of my Boss on Saturday and tracked them on Sunday at Big Willow (pads came pre-bed from @OPMustang Tim and I did some driving Saturday to get some pad transfer). The pads were perfectly quiet on the way to the track with plenty of stopping power...
  5. OPMustang Tim

    What G-LOC Compound Do I Need?

    Blog Post #1What G-LOC Brake Compound Do You Recommend?We are asked this question multiple times a day and for good reason. There are several variables involved in choosing a proper brake compound. G-LOC offers 8 different Compounds in their product line range so choosing the correct...