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  1. Massimo

    MT-82 Trans Will Not Enter Engine All the Way! About a 1/2" gap

    Hey folks, I'm having some serious trouble mating my transmission to my engine. Here's the backstory: OEM clutch overheated a few weeks ago so I'm upgrading to McLeod RXT twin disc unsprung hub + McLeod billet steel flywheel (part # 6435825M). Since I'm in the trans, I'm replacing pilot bearing...
  2. Has anyone done the Magnum XL swap and regretted it?

    Just like the title says. Has anyone done the Tremec Magnum XL swap and later wished they would have kept their MT82? I was happy with my MT82 until having it rebuilt while it was out for a clutch swap. The rebuild made it through the recommended 1,000 break in miles and 1 track day at NCM...
  3. Mad Hatter

    In house MT82 rebuild saga

    Well. the ongoing saga of MT82 failures goes on.... Just installed box number 5! This time around we had too do the rebuild in house. My buddy just got a Calimer tranny from VMP and by the time customs and duty were done it came out to US$2700....:(... So, we took my spare MT82, recently...
  4. Jeffery Dempsey

    Beef up the MT82 or find a Tremec

    My previous Mustang was a 1990 that transformed into a track toy that enjoyed the addition of a Tremec 6 speed behind the 331 stroker.My latest Mustang is the 2016 GT PP and I am interested in your impressions of the MT82 for a car that serve double duty between street and occasional track...
  5. GT350 Tremec TR3160 Transmission

    GT350 Tremec TR3160 transmission out of 2016 tech pack. Transmission has ~5620 miles on it. Excellent condition; never been tracked and was not beat on. I'm selling because I upgraded to transmission that had cooler. Will bolt to a coyote.Looking for $2700 but will entertain reasonable offers...