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s550 track preparation

  1. FS31

    2018 GT350 light track use questions

    Hi all, I've been lurking around the forum for a bit, but this is my first post. I just picked up 2018 GT350. Car is stock, from what I can tell. This is my daily driver and plan to do 4-6 HPDE track days/yr and 4-6 autocrosses/yr. I live in south Louisiana (hot and humid). Prior experience is...
  2. Dylanp0401

    Radiator & Oil cooler

    Radiator: I really can’t find a definitive answer on radiator. I plan to duct the radiator once I get the proper radiator. Im just struggling to choose which radiator. Is a single pass sufficient? Is a triple pass even better but provide too much pressure and not worth it for an N/A car? Which...

    Looking for a good suspension setup for a 2020 Mustang GT. It will mainly be used on track so not too worried about keeping the ride comfortable. After a few track days, the stock suspension is way too soft. I have looked at the FP Track handling pack but some reviews had me second guessing it.
  4. 2LowPony

    Track Prep

    I'm new to this and I am doing a track day on Oct. 3rd. Need some advice on track prep for my car, I have a 2015 Mustang GT. Any recommendations you have would be greatly appreciated. I already have the DOT brake fluid, still need to get the oil that I am going to run, which brand and...
  5. DriftStang


    I have all the adjustable front arms from spl with modded knuckles that will net 50 or degrees of steering angle. Can be used for grip racing as well. 1 sway bay link is broken.Contact me @ 256-452-4183 will ship. TEXT IS BEST
  6. Murrish30

    S550 front wheel fitment questions.

    All,First post so forgive me if I simply just didnt do enough digging to find my answer to this. I am currently running 19x10's in the front and 19x11 in the rear with 275 and 305s respectively. I'm getting new wheels (18's) and new rubber and wanted to try a 305 all around square set up. I've...
  7. CompetitionMotorsport

    New S550/GT350/GT500 Roll Bar from Competition Motorsport

    Competition Motorsport would like to introduce our newest roll bar product: the CMS Performance Roll Bar for the Mustang S550, Shelby GT350 and GT500. It is a bolt-in four-point roll bar made from Docol R8, a modern ultra-high-strength steel that surpasses 4130 CrMo in every respect. It is fully...
  8. Wotfun

    S550 HPDE Prep - Need advice

    Hey folks. I'll start with a little background...Over the past three years, I've done 8 HPDE weekends with BMW CCA. All were at VIR and Summit Point. All were in cars with less than 300 hp. My last instructor at Summit Point - Shenandoah - said I was ready for the advanced run group. My last...