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  1. GimpyHSHS

    Questions on Tire Storage

    Hi all, I picked up 4x Yok A052 for AutoCross and 8x Michelin + 8x Pirelli DHF slicks (used) for the track. All of these are for next year. I'm concerned with keeping the Yoks in good shape until March/April when autocross starts up. And scrubs may not get used until June (hoping to make it to...
  2. Middleton Motorsports

    Proper Sendoff for f13r's trying Hoosier A7's

    Had a proper sendoff with my 3r's. Switching to Hoosier A7 to try to get into the 2:1X's at Road America. Anyone else have good luck with the Hoosier A7's.Check out this Video of destroying the 3r's. The dyno plug worked well. Disconnected all traction control stability control.F13R...
  3. MichaelTomany

    Lead on shop in Georgia that will heat cycle Hoosier slicks

    I’m looking for a reputable shop in Georgia that will heat cycle slicks. I know tire rack will but I’m not buying from them so I can’t use them. Thanks
  4. flyhalf

    A7 vs soft Slicks

    I was doing some calculations and I'm so far to max out TT2 (because my weight) that i can mount slicks and also loose 100lbs and still be in tt2. So here's my question. From ONLY A PERF POINT OF VIEW. A7 vs S8M or S7M (Again the s7 or s8 which are the softer compounds). What is worth in...
  5. Andrew Weidemann

    (2) Pirelli DH 305/660/18 slicks for sale

    For sale is a set of (2) Pirelli DH slicks 305/660/18. Tread at 75% we’re on my spares and switched back to Toyo proxes RR. $125 for the pair. Located in SoCal. Highly prefer pickup.
  6. CoyoteCody

    *SOLD* Michelin Slicks (30/68-18 S9M)

    I bought these from a fellow TMO member who's on a race team. They were only used for 1 race so still have a lot of life in them. Reason for selling is because I chickened out of finally moving up to slicks, and because they're wider than I expected. I would prefer local pickup in TX but I am...