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S550 Is this correct? (Front Sway bar)

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Colorado Springs
Driver side - the top of the sway bar end link is connected to front shock towards the rear of the vehicle. I am able to wiggle the end link by hand.


Passenger side. The sway bar end link is bolted in towards the front of the vehicle, instead of the other hole like the driver side is. It is at a odd angle and I am not able to wiggle it by hand.

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The links can work in either position on the strut, but they really should match to have even loading left to right when the body leans. Especially with adjustbsle fron bars I move the upper position to the one closest to straight up/down.
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Melbourne Australia
Agree, they are made symmetrical but should use the one that aligns most vertically with the sway bar hole. Which on a stock strut with stock bar appears to be the rearward one. That one you thought was wrong has an atrocious angle on the end joint. Surprised it has bound up yet and bent the link.

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I just installed a set of Steeda sway bar end links at all four corners. When I removed the factory links the L/F ( drivers side ) link was bent about 1/16”. I am the original owner and no one else has driven the car but me. I have no idea how the link got bent.

Both front links were installed on the struts using the rear mount hole originally and Steeda links were installed in the same holes. Factory PP front bar and struts for now. Will be replacing with FP Track Pack struts, springs, and bars in the near future.


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