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Event Type
Track Event
Event Organizer
NASA Mid-South
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NASA returns to Nashville Super Speedway for the first time since October 2011​

  • Freshly repaved track
  • Refurbished garages
  • Freshly repaved paddock
  • Refurbished RV area
    We will work to maximize track time for each group. W2W Race groups will have a warm up, qualifying session, and race each day. To add to our HPDE participant's track time, we plan to have a bonus Sunday HPDE-All for the last session.

    An event confirmation email will be sent 5 days prior to the event.

    Registration options for participants include:
    · Racing w2w, AI, spec,
    · Time Trial TU-T6
    · HPDE 1 (novice, with an instructor, limited passing)
    · HPDE 2 (intermediate, solo driving, limited passing)
    · HPDE 3 (advanced, solo driving, passing anywhere with a point by)
    · HPDE4 (advanced, usually for instructors or those with 20+ events, passing anywhere with a point by)
    · Supersize for TT (for racers who also want to participate in Time Trial)
    • Supersize for HPDE (for Time Trial participants or racers who want additional seat time in HPDE)
      · Garage Rental
    • Transponder Rental