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2004 Mustang Profile

2004 Mustang
(2004 Cobra)

2004 Cobra

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
SN95 Model
Mods - Handling
Basically everything form Maximum motorsports /
Stop-tech BBK /
Front brake ducts With custom "quick release" brackets for ducting /
Forgestar F14 18x9.5 square /
Toyo R888R 275/40/18 /
Feal 441+ Road race Spec Coil overs /
ARP wheel studs 2.5'' front 3'' rear /
Race Craft Lexan rear window /
*** In process of more weight reduction

Other odds and ends
Mods - Power
Pretty basic for the car. Later down the line it will be upgraded.

AED tuned /
Bassani 2.5 Catted X-pipe /
Magnaflow 2.5 Cat-back
2.93 Upper pulley /
AFCO Thermal coated heat exchanger /

465WHP / 501TQ
Mods - Exterior
Trackspec Motorsports hood vents /
Antenna Delete cover /
Custom lower Mesh grille /
Mods - Interior
Uhhhh. its a mess right now but ill post photos of when i ''finished'' it the first time. at the moment the roll bar is out and all the panels as well as other pieces are removed to getting ready for full cage.

Cobra Motorsport Nogaro Circuit seats
Crow Enterprises 5 point harness
MGW shifter
Raseng Shift knob
Braille 15lb battery
Cortex Diff breather with custom air breather and bracket
Custom panels that i've made over time
Background & Plans
This car started as a " i'm only doing basic bolt-ons" to "ill just do a rear seat delete and some coilovers' to " ill just pull some interior out and do a quick release wheel" to " ill just gut and paint the interior" to " Well, ive gone this far, might as well go all out"

I never had intentions of ever going this far and i felt that i've gone backwards in many aspects. The good about the whole situation is that i've learned a lot and am still learning with this car so its been more fun than anything.. well maybe besides frustrating haha.

Intentions for this car at the moment is to lose some more weight, get a full cage in the car, re-paint the entire interior oxford white, flock the dash and other bits, work on making some more custom pieces for the car and to get it back on track. lots of stuff to do.

ATM i am removing the entire AC system and heater core as well as cleaning up the wiring behind the dash and moving forward after that. Ill try and post as much photos as i can
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