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Road Race 2016 PP1 track day car

Specs & Mods

S550 Model
Mods - Handling
Ford MFR3AM8A track suspension kit, all suspension/diff/cradle/motor mount/trans mount rubber bushings replaced with solids, sphericals or locked out, 1 piece aluminum DSS driveshaft, 19X11 wheels square, 20mm spacers on front, 305/30/19's, rear seat delete, Braille B2015 battery, SS brakes lines, Motul RBF 600 fluid, MM camber plates, 3" brake ducts (Vorshlag deflectors incoming to replace these PITA ducts), Steeda H pipe resonator delete, Schroth Quickfit Pro harness.

Best laps - Mosport 1:33.3, Shannonville 2:00.8, Mont Tremblant 1:58.3 on Vredestein Vorti R 220 TW tires - have seen numerous laps at Mosport predicted in high 1.32's but never completed due to traffic in last 3 corners.

Planned for 2020 - softer tires possibly Dunlop Maxx Race 80TW, long tubes/aftermarket exhaust, Vorshlag brake deflectors, Vorshlag jig to open up strut towers/slot bolt holes and get more front camber, currently maxed out at -2.1 with MM camber plates which were troublesome pieces to install and I don't recommend them due to low quality hardware supplied with them, splitter - thinking about making one.

Mods - Power
Ford Power Pack 2 kit and tune, JLT oil catch can. Probably will dump PP2 tune for a custom tune after header install. PP2 tune with no lift shift feature is a real PITA, constant stutter on upshifts unless you are extremely precise and very fast with clutch release, with a light or removed clutch spring the stutter will not go away, with the stiff stock spring it is still there but not as bad. Very poor feature for road course work (I got enough wheelspin to get sideways at over 100 mph on the 4/5 shift due to how violently the power comes back on) and it can't be disabled per Ford Performance who told me they have no intention of releasing an updated tune without that feature in it. I do not recommend buying the Power Pack kits for this reason.

Mods - Exterior
Race Louvers center hood vent, Verus side hood vents, AeroCatch hood pins.
No rear aero as yet still working on getting rid of push.


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