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"70 Mach 1 SCJ Drag Pack" Profile - Gen 1 Mustangs

70 Mach 1 SCJ Drag Pack Vehicle Profile - Gen 1 Mustangs

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
I own it
Mods - Handling
Stiffer front coils and rear leaf springs with staggered rear shocks (4spd cars only) using modern bushing material.
Stock front disc/rear drum. Possible wheel set up: Magnum 500's or Old school Torque Thrust wheels - both in 15x7 front, 15x8 rear
Mods - Power
428 SCJ motor (NOM) which included Le mans rods, adj rockers, special crankshaft and harmonic balancer, factory oil cooler, "W" code rear axle (4:30), 4spd Toploader transmission with Ford/Hurst shifter and cast iron "header" exhaust manifolds.
Planned mods are:
Ford Police interceptor alum intake, Edelbrock alum heads, Holley Sniper EFI, Roller cam and rockers, FPA full length headers.
Possible 5spd conversion or a lower (ie: more street friendly) 3:50 rear axle ratio.
Flowmaster or Magnaflow exhaust.
The stock exhaust manifolds, intake, carb & heads will be boxed & stored. (sheds approx 200 lbs of weight)
Mods - Exterior
No planned mods.
Painted in its original color "medium gold metallic".
Black hood stripes.
Hood twist locks.
Black honeycomb taillight panel.
Shaker hood.
Rear louvers.
Trunk wing/spoiler
Mach 1 rocker molding
Front spoiler to be added (it just looks better with it)
Mods - Interior
Black interior:
Stock Deluxe hi-back "comfort weave" bucket seats
Woodgrain dash with 8000 RPM tach and clock
Fold down rear seat (sport deck).
Added the optional center floor console.
Background & Plans
This car bounced around between 4 of us friends (2 sets of brothers) starting in the early 90's, each doing little to nothing until the 4th individual really got the ball rolling and completed all the body work in early 2008. The car was sitting in primer and ohh soooo close to getting paint when there was a change in circumstances beyond his control. A couple years later, the car moved with him from MA to NC where it sat in his garage until a conversation last fall asking what he planned to eventually do with it. Not seeing many options at his end, we struck a deal and the car was brought back to MA.
I was originally not a fan of the gold exterior and there was much debate, soul searching and sleepless nights about what color to go with.
With the car being what it is, it was ultimately decided that I really needed to stick with the original factory color.
The black stripes, louvers, spoiler and rocker moldings will offset the gold enough that I can live with it and honestly, it has become more appealing after looking at other Mach 1's in the same color combo.
There's lots to do and it'll be a while before it is driven again but I'm looking forward to the reassembly and bringing it back to life again.
The long term plan is it'll be a "keeper"..... unless the opportunity presents itself and I give in to my desire to get back into a 67 Shelby - Time will tell.
My apologies for the poor quality pic of the Marti report. I'll post the color version when I locate it.
Original motor was missing from day 1 but oddly enough, I've had a 428 SCJ & 4 spd sitting in my garage for 18 years (Must have been fate).
Let the fun begin !

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