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2016 Mustang GT350 Profile
Road Race 

2016 Mustang
GT350 Road Race -  (#710 (OIL))

#710 (OIL)

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S550 Model
GT350 #
Mods - Handling
Vorschlag Camber plates: -2° up front
Race wheels: Signature SV501
V2.0 - Cup 2, 315 rear, 305 front
V3.0 - Cup 2, Goodyear S3R 305 Square
Caliper flexion brake stud kit
Ford performance springs
MGW Shifter
BMR IRS Cradle supports
Mods - Power
Current HP at the wheels (on 91 pump gas) 456hp / (torque numbers will get uploaded later)
Res delete
Ngauge with E85 Lund tune - Not running E85 currently. Using NGauge for at-a-glance stats.
Mods - Exterior
V1.0 - Stock
V 2.0 -
R style carbon wing
Signature SV501 with Cup 2 all around for track
V3.0 -
Archtype Front canards
Archtype front splitter (350R style, still using the 350 splitter so not everything lines up)
FP Front Tow Hook
Tripple vented hood w/ aerocatchs
Closed up air filter box
APR Rear wing
Shelby Trans cooler tunnel (doesn't do enough, but looks cool so that's cool i guess?)
Trans cooler w/ earls pump and stock cooler in front of car
Rear diff cooler
Mods - Interior
TC Designs 4 point weld in cage
Center console mount for Aim solo ( in the works)
LED status lights for trans and diff coolers - showing when they are running.
Background & Plans
Grew up around a vintage mustang and this car was definitely an impulse buy after research and a test drive in a tech pack car. Went with the white and blue stripes because it just screams GT350 in my opinion. Shortly after buying the car i signed up for Neverlift (139.75mph) with a completely stock car on fresh NT05R rear wheels. After that I took it to the drag strip (12.5 @117mph, need to confirm) on the Nittos and BMR Rear subframe supports. Went to Sonoma raceway with NASA and got hooked on the track. Used the stock wheels on stock Pilot supersports. After that i have gone and removed the rear seats, purchased some broken in Signature wheels and cup 2's etc. Future plans are to 1) work on my driving since i've only been on the track twice, 2) install shelby trans tunnel cooler since i hit limp mode at laguna, 3) wheel pressure tuning, etc. I will be making my own custom rear seat delete that potentially has some built in storage where the bottom of the seats go.
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