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2021 Mustang Mach1 Profile

2021 Mustang
Mach1  (#761 TrackMach1)

#761 TrackMach1

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S550 Model
Mach 1
Mods - Handling
Vorschlag Camber Plates with Strut mount widened to allow for extra camber, -3.3 front, -2.5 rear.
APEX Forged SM10RS anthracite 18x11 square.
MICHELIN SM8 slicks 30/65/18.
APEX Forged SM10RS bronze 18x11 square.
Pirelli DHF slicks 305/660/18.
APEX Forged VS-5RS satin black 19x11.
Goodyear SC3R. 305/30/19 square.
Vorshlag brake deflectors.
Steeda 2 piece Rotors.
OP mustang hubs with extended studs.
MMR 26mm front wheel spacers.
OP mustang High Strength Racing Lug Nuts - Low Friction Coating.
Carbotech XP20 Pads.
BMR adjustable sway bars 35mm front, 25mm rear.
BMR handling/lowering springs 250lbs/980lbs.
SPL adjustable end links.
DSC magnaride controller (custom tune).
All fluids changed to track spec.
Pulled the dyno plug!
Mods - Power
Heavy right foot.
Air raid reusable filter and pre filter.
Archetype GT350 Airbox cover.
Steeda x pipe.
No plans to add tune or mod engine as yet.
Removed active exhaust option.
Mods - Exterior
Ford Performance rear wing (from FP350S racecar).
Verus engineering GT350 splitter.
Race Louvers GT4 side and center vents.
Track numbers and other graphics
RaceSeng tow hook.
CF dive planes.
Ford performance rear tow hook.
PPF and Ceramic.
Mods - Interior
CMS Roll Bar.
Sabelt Titan Seats.
Schroth Flexi 2x2 6 Points.
Rennscot harness collars.
Schrader Rear Seat Delete.
GT350R Steering wheel.
Planted seat bases with Sabelt seat mounts.
Wiring and seat sensors from oe seats configured to run with no airbag codes/errors.
Element fire extinguisher.
Garmin Catalyst.
QR tray for removable audio system (removed). 😂
FP pedal kit.
Likewise circuit style shift knob.
Background & Plans
Started off as a street car for some fun on grocery runs etc. Converted car to HP spec, then ended up doing my first track day at ECR in November 2021 with the paper plates still on the car. All mods since then have been track focused.

Tracks I have been to are ECR and MSRC and COTAAAAAAAA!

Best Lap times:
<2.30 COTA
2.06 ECR
2.26 MSRC
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