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2017 Mustang GT Profile

2017 Mustang
GT  (All around car.)

All around car.

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S550 Model
Mods - Handling
PP suspension, bmr cradle lockouts, bmr vertical links, Weighted Shift knob, JLT catch can. Federal Evoluzion ST-1 275/40/19 245/40/19
Mods - Power
Roush phase 1 supercharger, Roush catback exhaust w/X-Pipe
Mods - Exterior
Grille delete
Background & Plans
Was in the market for a 18+ mustang, but at the time they were selling like hotcakes. Found a blue one I was about to pull the trigger on, but I got call shortly after saying it was sold, but the owner traded in what i have now. Had only 4k miles when i purchased it and the roush blower and exhaust already equipped . i put about 26k miles on it the first year of owner ship. My plans are to make the car an all around car with no real specialty. Ive been to a few drag races , and autocross so far. I'm slowly leaning to roadracing/autocross but for the mean time i will continue to just try out more events as they come.

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