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2018 Mustang
GT350  (Triple threat)

Triple threat

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I just picked up a 2018 GT350. Car is stock, from what I can tell. This is my daily driver and plan to do 4-6 HPDE track days/yr and 4-6 autocrosses/yr. I live in south Louisiana (hot and humid). Prior experience is HPDE for past 8 years (previously in a 2010 Corvette and a 2004 Honda S2000). I'm not looking to set any lap records or win any races, just weekend warrior fun. This is my first Ford and looking for any advice.

My plan so far:
Steeda Clutch spring
Passenger catch can
Brake fluid: RBF 600
Tranny fluid: Amsoil ATF signature series (blue cap)
Diff oil: Amsoil Severe gear 75W-90
Before each event, all I do is change engine oil, change street brake pads to track pads, flush brake fluid, and flush clutch fluid (suck out the old fluid in reservoir, replace with clean RBF, pump clutch 15 times, repeat until reservoir fluid is clean ).
I change tranny fluid and diff oil yearly.

Brake pads, need help. These rotors are expensive @ $300/each (the S2000 rotors were $75/each), so I'm looking for a street pad and a track pad that are "rotor friendly". I actually find the stock pads more grabby than I need for the street. Which is fine, but I don't drive aggressively, so all I "need" is a decent street pad that is rotor friendly and won't completely suck at autocross. For track pads, this is the heaviest car I've had, and at NOLA, the turn 1 braking zone goes from 145mph to 55mph. Not sure what pad to run, maybe G-Lock?
Is flushing the brake fluid and clutch before very track event over kill?
Will my procedure for flushing the clutch fluid work in a GT350?
Is changing the tranny fluid and diff oil once a year enough?
Everyone says 75W-140 diff oil for track work. Do you think 75W-90 is the right call, given this is a 80-90% street driven car, or should I use 75W-140?
Are there any bolts, nuts, clips, etc that need to be replaced after one use (I've seen some stuff about replacing the OEM caliper bolts), or anything weird that I should be aware of ?
Anything wrong with my plan above?
Anything else?

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