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1987 Mustang Profile

1987 Mustang
(Tu Lowd2)

Tu Lowd2

General Information

Ownership Status
Currently Own
Fox Body Model
Mods - Handling
Full Maximum Motorsports catalog installed, extended wheelbase, widened track, rearset engine, wide body flares, 12 pt roll bar, seam welded chassis, thru the floor sfc's, Brembo Cobra R brakes, 525 hp PSP built 333 cid N/A pump gas motor, T5Z, built 8.8 with TruTrac and Moser 31 splines, Enkei RPF1 17x11 w/ Nitto 315 NT01s all around, Koni D/A coilovers, 2000 GT steering rack, KRC alum ps pump, custom 3" full length exhaust, Maier Racing carbon hood, G-Stream Comp 800 carbon wing, APC carbon splitter, custom 3.5" wheel flares, House of Kolor paint, Cobra rear bumper cover, Cervini Stalker front bumper cover.....etc.
Mods - Power
NASCAR style internals, 8.2 deck roller block, Canton RR pan, lightweight internals, highly ported Edelbrock Victor Jr. heads and intake manifold, lighweight rotating assembly and valvetrain,5 girdles, fully ARP studded/fastened, Pro Systems 800 cfm carb, R2C air cleaner, BBK 1-3/4" ceramic long tubes w/custom 3" ss exhaust, external return fuel system, sumped tank, fully plumbed with -8AN/-6AN
Mods - Exterior
wide body custom bolt on flares, carbon hood, wing and splitter, full House of Kolor paint
Mods - Interior
rear seat delete, custom oversized IP/dash, Recaro LS and Monza seats in Alcantera and Nappa leather, monster sound system w/ 15" subwoofers and 2000 watts of Orion HCCA power
Background & Plans
Purchased in 2010 to replace crashed highly modded SVO t-roof clone (purchased in 1987); transferred drivetrain, roll bar, suspension etc. over to new convertible build....which took on a life of it's own
OCD build, lots of nice touches, drives reasonably civil, is reasonably fast and tons of fun
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