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  1. WTS 2013 PW Boss 302 (32k miles)

    It's still available and I'm ok going lower with the price. Make me a sensible offer and we'll talk.
  2. WTS 2013 PW Boss 302 (32k miles)

    Asking $34,000
  3. WTS 2013 PW Boss 302 (32k miles)

    Bump. And more pics.
  4. WTS 2013 PW Boss 302 (32k miles)

    Testing the waters. I want to sell my 2013 PW Boss 302 with Recaros / Torsen and car cover. I'm getting divorced and I could do without the car payments and roll with something cheaper. It hurts but... what can you do eh?Little under 32k miles.Mods: quarter window scoops and rear window...
  5. Any Forza Horizon players here yet?

    I'm currently caught up in that Halo 4 thing as well (trying to beat the campaign at Heroic, which isn't easy for me) but... I'll be back at Horizon soon!
  6. iPad Mini...

    Which is one of the many reasons I want this. I do wonder what that app is that shows on the photos. If it comes with a whole suite of apps specifically made for in-car use it would be even better.
  7. Stuff other drivers do that make you crazy

    You're lucky. I see this EVERY SINGLE MORNING during my commute. These are the same morons that temporarily use the carpool lane to quickly pass a stretch of traffic (while being alone in the car). Luckily I often see cops hiding to ticket those bastards. It doesn't often happen that I thumbs-up...
  8. No Boss for 2014

    Well the above document says so. Also, when I was at Track Attack I had the honor of having the project manager of the Boss Program being present. He's moved on to other projects since a while already so I'm pretty sure at this point.
  9. Stuff other drivers do that make you crazy

    By the way I do LOVE how the Boss without bafflers is the perfect tool to scare the hell out of people who do asshole stuff in traffic :D
  10. Stuff other drivers do that make you crazy

    My number 1 gripe every day is when the right lane is going to end and some MORON gets on it to quickly pass some cars and then expects everyone else to let him back in. Needless to say, I never do.Note that I know it's the right thing to do to stay on the merge lane as long as possible and...
  11. Forza Horizon Car Club

    Also, I wonder if it's possible to get together for a photo shoot with all our Bosses together. Would be really cool!
  12. Forza Horizon Car Club

    It switches to someone else when the leader leaves. I was party leader for a while myself.We should all get together on a night some time soon for some cool Boss-only races!
  13. More 2014.5 rumors: 2 guys claim to have seen it

    This doesn't look too bad. But not so good that I'll be trading in my Boss.
  14. Forza Horizon Car Club

    Hah we raced together an hour or two ago. Welcome :DAlso, maybe we should start a BMO club in Forza 4 as well? I'm totally up for that.
  15. iPad Mini...

    Moved up to spot #1 on my wishlist. WOW!!!