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apex rims

  1. Whiskeypapaaa

    Wheels for sale!

    So I currently have couple parts for sale. i have Apex wheels EC7 19x11, 5x114.5, ET52: 1600$ Spacers 50$ ARP extended lugs and nuts (new): 190$ This is everything you need to run the wheels on any S550. No tires included. Currently located in central Texas. Can ship but will be on your dime...
  2. Whiskeypapaaa

    WTB: Apex wheels

    Looking for to buy Apex wheels. Got the PP brakes so they need to fit. Looking for 18x10.5 or 19x10.5. Looking to fit 305 tires on them. Currently in Germany but will be moving to the states in 2 weeks.
  3. Scurdy

    Track Car Part out (SOCAL)

    Hello boy and gals!I'm parting out my car for sale and I have these items listed for sale. I will post pictures up shortly:1. Oxford white trunk (with camera, so its a direct swap for those who run 2 trunk setups like me) with APR GT-250 67" wing mounted and Ford performance blank decklid...
  4. Bill Pemberton

    Apex Wheels -- big Promos for Black Friday Period 27th thru the 2nd

    Well, if you buy a bunch of Apex stuff they send you sneak peek emails , which of course never help me as I always seem to need the products right away and when they are not on Sale. Has never bothered me much as I have found their pricing quite fair year round , especially for a hub centric...
  5. Bill Pemberton

    Hallelujah---my Apex Rims are on their way!!

    My Christmas present went out today, and thanks to Cory for holding my order from last month till now. Our schedule at home was going to be a bit jumbled the first of this month and I sure wanted my wife or I to be around when these beauties arrived? I tell you ,the guys at Apex go above and...