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  1. TDL

    Blend vs full synthetic

    Gen3 coyote people: do you use the 5w30 synth blend as per the manual, or 5w30 full synthetic, or something else entirely?I'm unsure what was recommended in prior coyote gens for track use but curious all the same (blend vs full synthetic).

    So here goes nothing. This will be the thread I use to explain the cost, problems, headaches, blood, pain, and sweat of swapping a Gen 3 Coyote into a 2007 Shelby GT.How did we get here:I currently own a 2007 Shelby GT and I have multiple gripes with it. For starters, the power is...
  3. 2LowPony

    Track Prep

    I'm new to this and I am doing a track day on Oct. 3rd. Need some advice on track prep for my car, I have a 2015 Mustang GT. Any recommendations you have would be greatly appreciated. I already have the DOT brake fluid, still need to get the oil that I am going to run, which brand and...
  4. Coz

    Romeo Engine Plant closing
  5. JKW

    Stroker Coyote?

    Has anyone here built a stroker (or stroker+SC) Coyote? Several stroker kits for the Coyote are on hand. However, I can't find any information on real applications of such kits.