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  1. GT-54

    Differential Temperature too high

    Hello :DAt my last trackday in Monza I had problem with high differential temperature. (302 °F redline!!) Outside temperature on this trackday 86 °F.This week we changed the differential fluid and yesterday did a little test on the German Autobahn. -Outside temperature: 66 °F -Speed driven...
  2. GimpyHSHS

    T2 vs T2R vs TrueTrac vs Wavetrac vs My Sanity

    Hi folks. As you may have noticed from the title, I'm looking at differentials. I currently have an Auburn unit back there. Has to be 20 years old or so. I had one event last year where it looked like it was spinning only one wheel (I've kept an eye on it since then and never seen it again). I...
  3. SavetheManuals

    Diff, Diff Bearings or Axle Bearings?

    Trying to diagnose a new noise before I crack the diff cover (again), pull the axles, or decide if it's worth taking the car to the dealer (extended B2B warranty). I started to get an periodic/oscillating whir (~1Hz) when accelerating out of corners at high lat G and high load, especially in 3rd...
  4. RedRocks

    OS Giken vs Torsen

    I’m at the point in my build where I wanna upgrade the rear differential. Here’s some details on my current setup:2008 Mustang GT 2.3 Whipple/Car Dyno’s @ 510 rwhp MCS Coils Whiteline Watts Forgestar 18x11’s 315/30/18 BFG Rival S in all foursGiven that I’m running a decent amount of...