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engine replacement

  1. PatriotGT350

    GT350 Motor Swap

    Valves and springs on the driver side bank successfully relocated themselves into the oil pan. Other parts have joined them. Warranty expired less than two months ago and now I’m faced with the dilemma of replacing my motor out of pocket.A new voodoo is just too expensive, so I’m thinking...
  2. Keags5.2

    High Compression Engine Break-In

    Currently waiting on my new engine from RPG. Looking for experience/opinions with breaking in high compression builds and which fuel to use. I've read/heard from the engine builder not to use E85 for break in as it can "wash out" the cylinders, less lubricative than gasoline and you want a...
  3. GT350R Engine #3 and the problems continue!

    While I absolutely love the GT350R, I’m pretty much at my wit’s end with this engine and the poor diagnosis being done by Ford. I’m not sure they (Ford Performance) know how to diagnose and properly repair the engine problems, which is really scary.Had 1st engine replaced after the first time...