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  1. MadMaxMcKinney

    Let me see your GT350 305/35 square setups (on stock rims)

    Curious to hear about how this works out, I’m thinking of going with a 305/35/19 square setup on the stock GT350 staggered rims. Ideally I’d love to see how the sidewall “poke” of the NT555 G2 would look like.I know there are more options at 305/30 but I don’t want to lower the car since I...
  2. That11GtGuy

    Yet another wheel and tire thread. Sorry...

    Okay, so I know there are about a million threads on wheel and tire fitment, and trust me, I've seen most of them. However, none that I have found have given a straight answer on what I would like to know.Here's my dilemma. 2011 Mustang GT with 3.73 gears, and I have 2 options picked out...
  3. Brembo clearance.

    I've looked and haven't really gotten a clear answer. Do the 18x9 sve drifts clear brembos? Would a smaller spacer help them clear? Mostly curious as there is a nice special for them right now.
  4. ShortBusBoss

    One wheel sticking out more than the other

    This has really thrown me a curve ball. After installing the AST 5200's I was test fitting the 10.5' bbs 302S wheels when I noticed the passenger side front wheel sticks out quite a bit more than the driver side. I measured all of the offsets on the wheels and they are all the same, also both...