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gt500 brakes

  1. Porterfield Track Brakes for Mustang GT500 13-14 AP 1666 R4

    I have an extra set of new Porterfield Track Brakes for Mustang GT500 13-14 AP 1666 R4. I've used these for my GT500 on the track and they are great - much better than stock.$199 ($369 from Porterfield)See pictures.
  2. Corral Man

    2013 Boss -> 2013 GT 500 Brake Upgrade

    So I came across a set of GT500 6-piston front calipers and 15" rotors for sale locally and the price was so good I couldn't pass them up. When I went to pick them up I saw why they were such a good price. The fellow who was selling them had attempted to sand off the factory red and then spray...
  3. 2020+ GT500 Carbon Ceramic Brakes - update

    So, if you're interested in a new GT500, you've probably followed @50Deep's thread on changing his front GT350 brakes over to GT500 brakes. They're massive in every sense of the word. The front rotors weigh in at 42 or 43 pounds EACH, depending on which post you read.This is the perfect...
  4. PatienceMetalFab

    Wilwood Big Brakes, Corsa Exhaust, Whiteline Watts link and more

    All pictures are at the following link: always, prices are "or best offer".Wilwood Aerolite 6R/4R Race Brakes (6 piston front, 4 piston rear) These brake parts were used for 1 season only Front (part #140-13882-N)...