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  1. Casultenbeers

    2020+ GT500 Driveshaft Heat Shield

    2020+ GT500 owners, I need help finding the OEM heatshield that protects the carbon driveshaft from exhaust heat. I managed to find some details on an eBay listing. My friend works at a Ford dealer in parts, he can’t find this part. See attached photos for details, the part number in the photos...
  2. Middleton Motorsports

    Proper Sendoff for f13r's trying Hoosier A7's

    Had a proper sendoff with my 3r's. Switching to Hoosier A7 to try to get into the 2:1X's at Road America. Anyone else have good luck with the Hoosier A7's.Check out this Video of destroying the 3r's. The dyno plug worked well. Disconnected all traction control stability control.F13R...
  3. Wolvee

    S550 Rear LCA bearings ..only for drag racers?

    I was told by someone that installing rear LCA Spherical bearings will introduce binding with road racing cars and they are mostly for dragracing. Any truth to this, it confused me because I don’t understand how it could be true?
  4. SeanBoss302

    GLOC Brake Pads for S197 and 13-14 GT500 Calipers

    Hello Everyone,I have some lightly used GLOC pads with barely any wear so tons of like left. Prices include shipping and PayPal fees (USD)GLOC R8 2013-2014 GT500 Front Brembo $195 GLOC R16 2013-2014 GT500 Front Brembo $215 GLOC R8 S197 Rear pads $100PM or email me @...
  5. Boss2X

    Scratch one, maybe two new GT500's

    Someone is going to be disappointed that their new car will be delayed.
  6. Coz

    2020 GT500 Red Hot Metallic at Philly

    Philly Auto Show 2/7/2019
  7. Joseph Bimbo

    FOR SALE Whipple Supercharger Gen 3 2.9 Stage 2 Full Kit‼️$8,600‼️

    ‼️FOR SALE‼️Less then 1K miles on everythingPrefect working conditionWhipple Gen 3 2.9 Whipple Stage 2132mm Throttle Body with electronicsFuel rails have port for quick disconnect for fuel draining and swapping fuelsNo injectors or BAP10Rib pulley kit with 20% lower3.0/3.25 and...