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  1. TDL

    Blend vs full synthetic

    Gen3 coyote people: do you use the 5w30 synth blend as per the manual, or 5w30 full synthetic, or something else entirely?I'm unsure what was recommended in prior coyote gens for track use but curious all the same (blend vs full synthetic).
  2. JKW

    Ported adapter for coyote stock oil cooler?

    Are there any ported adapters that can be installed between stock oil filter adapter FR3Z-6881-K and stock oil cooler FR3E-6A642-AC in a Gen II Coyote (position 1 as presented on the image)? It seems this would be the best place to put an OT sensor (except drilling the pan).All adapters I have...
  3. Callmejnasty94

    S197 Coyote Baffled Oil Pan Options

    Currently eyeballing two baffled road race pans for my 2013 GT. A year ago at an autocross event, I spun out in a slalom section, and starved my engine of oil. I am finally replacing bearings, and at the same time will be doing long tubes and an upgraded oil pan. The two options I have found are...
  4. StangRacer5.0

    What race oil should I be running?

    Hello everyone,I have a HPDE event coming up and I'm trying to figure out what oil to run. The event will be occurring in Texas during the month of July. It's going to be hot. Ambient temp will probably be in the neighborhood of 105. I used Redline 30 weight race oil for my last event but that...
  5. SavetheManuals

    Track Day Oil Change Timing

    My Boss is due for an oil change (over 5,000 miles of mixed driving, the OLM system shows about 20% life left) and I have a track day this upcoming weekend. Ford recommends changing oil after tracking, so should I just wait and change the oil after the event or change it before (and after?) to...