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  1. Performance package level 2 for sale

    Anyone interested in a 2019 mustang gt performance package level 2 fully loaded with every option ford has to offer. With only 935 miles on it?
  2. Bill Pemberton

    Need for Green PP2 and 3 2019 Shelby GT 350s!!

    I know we have 4-5 PP2s we got late in the year and due to this they are priced unbelievably well. Plus I suggested how to order them so they are not loaded like is quite common, therefore with the heavy discounts they are really attractive. We have three GT350s left and the main thing is to...
  3. Bill Pemberton

    How about a PP2 under 40K ..... plus there are 3 GT 350s now in stock!!!

    Will bring the info to the Mustang Roundup and though I have no idea why PP2s ordered in late Winter took so long to get, but they are here now and one of them is a basic ( like I prefer ) and this white one is Sale Priced at $39,651!We have two Magnetic GT 350s and one Black one ( white...
  4. Bill Pemberton

    Super Low mileage Gray GT 350 and we snared a PP2!!

    Gentleman traded in a 2018 GT350 ( Magnetic with a blue stripe ) and she has only 1500 miles on the odometer. Priced at 55,980, with an Internet price of 54,322 ----- I personally think this is funny , why not just say sale priced at 54,322 , ha?? Anyway , super clean and beautiful combination...
  5. Bill Pemberton

    We have two PP2s confirmed and with Vin numbers!!!!

    Other than a couple pre sold , we are , at present , only getting these two , even though we have 3 Ford Stores and one has been in the top 5 Stores in the US for close to 15 years ( was the #1 Ford Truck Store for 13 ). Rep has said he is not sure that the others will be built/picked up as they...
  6. Looking For Opinions For My Next Mustang

    Hello everyone! Been lurking for a while and decided to join up finally. I'm looking to possibly get into a new Mustang in the next few months and wanted to get your opinions on which route would be a good way to go for both enjoyment and my wallet.I've currently got a '14 GT with 33,400...