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rear suspension

  1. Arharries

    SN95 Budget Rear Suspension

    Hi, new to this forum. Please let me know if I’m doing anything wrong.I recently picked up a 1998 Mustang GT, 5 speed, for the 24 Hour of Lemons race series (The 2.2 NA flat four in our Impreza didn’t have enough ‘Merica for our likings)I got the front suspension (decently) sorted, but the...
  2. That11GtGuy

    Might've bitten off more than I can chew on this one...

    Hey guys,I took a brief hiatus from car stuff while I pursued some other hobbies, and finally said "screw it" and got pretty much a whole suspension overhaul, minus sway bars, and took to installing it today. My brother and I, both definitely amateur mechanics, spent about 8 hours today...
  3. GHIG302Boss

    Rear shocks

    I need to replace the rear shocks on my Boss, priced out factory replacements from Ford ($600 for both rears). Before I did that, wanted to check to see if there is an upgraded option people was confident in that wouldn’t be a drag strictly shock that I should consider…. Most people I have asked...