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  1. 2019 Bullitt engine ticking sound

    2019 Bullitt with 15k miles. I track it 2-3 weekends per year. Manual/book says to run 5w 30 oil for track. Not practical for me to change oil between 5w20 street and 5w30 track, so I was told it's ok to run 5w30 all the time, just warm up the engine good before going out, and I do. The car...
  2. SavetheManuals

    Diff, Diff Bearings or Axle Bearings?

    Trying to diagnose a new noise before I crack the diff cover (again), pull the axles, or decide if it's worth taking the car to the dealer (extended B2B warranty). I started to get an periodic/oscillating whir (~1Hz) when accelerating out of corners at high lat G and high load, especially in 3rd...
  3. GBoss7500

    Laguna Seca 90db sound limit

    Hi all and happy new year,I will be running my 2012 Boss at Laguna April 30 with NCRC. Current setup is GT500 mufflers and open side pipe baffles. Anyone know from experience if this will pass or exceed the 90db limit?Thanks!