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  1. SavetheManuals

    SOLD (4) 18x10 +42 Forgestar F14s Piano Black

    I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, and sane right now.I'm selling my set of 4, 18x10 +42 Forgestar F14s in Piano Black to make space for my incoming Apex 18x11s. This is a great set of lightweight, fully rotatable, square setup wheels for the street and/or the track.Asking $900 OBO...
  2. Tire and Rim Selection

    So as the title suggests, I'm currently trying to figure out what to put on for rims and tires (stock 2012 Boss 302). I currently am interested in the Apex EC-7s, but I am new to all of this and the offset and spacers are confusing. I've been wanting to put on a square 18x11 setup with the...
  3. TeamMOTU

    GT350 Square Apex SM-10 11.5” setup

    I bought 4 Apex SM-10 11.5” wheels for the GT350 for the purpose of running square Hoosier R7’s 315/30x19 (which I run a lot on other wheels). Trying save $$ and get more sessions out of each set of R7’s by rotating of course. I haven’t run this setup yet, but have test fitted them in the...
  4. 19x10.5 or 11 with 305/35/r19 on all 4

    So I have spent hours reading and searching but haven't found definitive answers based off real experience. Does anyone know if I can fit 305/35/19s on all 4 with either 19x10.5 or 11 wheels and what offsets I would need? Trying to stay square for rotation. Found a screaming deal on bulk...