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3-5 Years
Irvine, CA
I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, and sane right now.

I'm selling my set of 4, 18x10 +42 Forgestar F14s in Piano Black to make space for my incoming Apex 18x11s.
This is a great set of lightweight, fully rotatable, square setup wheels for the street and/or the track.

Asking $900 OBO for the 4 wheels along with low profile metal valve stems, "carbon fiber" center caps, and Boss 302 valve stem caps (if you are interested in those).
Pickup is obviously preferred (Irvine, SoCal) and I can drive a couple hours to meet halfway if needed, otherwise shipping would be at your expense.

The wheels have been used both on the track and the street but are in good condition physically and visually.
There are a few small surface scratches, 1 spot of curb rash (from the previous owner :mad:), and a little brake dust buildup in some corners but nothing noticeable when they are on the car, and man do these wheels look good on our cars.

Here are some pictures of the wheels, blemishes, and "accessories". I wish I had more good pictures of them on my car, but a quick search should return lots of pictures of these wheels on Mustangs.
Let me know if you have any questions.



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