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  1. SpeedeeGonzalez

    Paintless Dent Removal

    Hey All,I am the owner of #199 2013 Boss 302, and I had a paintless dent removal job done a while back, in which I had a tiny dent on the D-pillar fixed.The technician had to drill a 1/2” or thereabout hole into the sheet metal behind the left tail lamp to access the dent, and now I’m just...
  2. Boss 302vs Pp1

    Hey everyone, been looking at the used mustang market recently seems to be low miles boss 302 goes for the same price as a used 2018+ pp1 mustang. What car is the better car for a fast street/track car? Whichever car I get I probably won’t do any crazy mods for the next few years. Will a boss...
  3. 2LowPony

    Track Prep

    I'm new to this and I am doing a track day on Oct. 3rd. Need some advice on track prep for my car, I have a 2015 Mustang GT. Any recommendations you have would be greatly appreciated. I already have the DOT brake fluid, still need to get the oil that I am going to run, which brand and...
  4. PatientZero

    Anyone in Missouri "in the know?"

    Over the last couple years this track has quietly been built right outside of Adrian, MO (about 50 miles from Kansas City) but nobody seems to know anything about it. Everything I've heard is that it's going to be private but I also have information that they are putting in 20 condos with...
  5. SavetheManuals

    SOLD (4) 18x10 +42 Forgestar F14s Piano Black

    I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, and sane right now.I'm selling my set of 4, 18x10 +42 Forgestar F14s in Piano Black to make space for my incoming Apex 18x11s. This is a great set of lightweight, fully rotatable, square setup wheels for the street and/or the track.Asking $900 OBO...
  6. SavetheManuals

    G-Loc R12 Feedback

    Just installed the G-Loc R12 pads on the front of my Boss on Saturday and tracked them on Sunday at Big Willow (pads came pre-bed from @OPMustang Tim and I did some driving Saturday to get some pad transfer). The pads were perfectly quiet on the way to the track with plenty of stopping power...
  7. Wingrider

    First* 20" Carbon Fiber production wheels...

    * (Braided)From Porsche. They look amazing on the inside, A shame tires (tyres) hide the work. Wonder how they compare strength wise-
  8. GT350 suspension mods?

    Wondering what suspension mods you guys are running. I have a bias to run as close to stock as possible. Will be installing camber plates to run FP alignment specs.I usually run intermediate/advance HPDE.Thanks in advance.