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  1. Ilghar

    Angle kit to change steering ratio?

    Since the S550 has EPSA, is an angle kit a good mod to change the steering ratio so less steering input is needed to turn the car? I understand this can limit the wheel width that can be used. Any thought? what would be pros and cons?
  2. Ilghar

    S550 Cooling?

    What cooling upgrades do I REALLY need? Bigger radiator? 10R80 trans cooler? Engine oil cooler? Diff cooler? All of the above?I noticed I can probably barbecue a whole chicken in the front wheel wells, fender vents?Time attack purposes, the tracks are small to medium , from 3 to 3.6 km, with...
  3. Ilghar

    Ohlins on 2020 S550?

    will backdating or trimming rear control arms on 2020 S550 GT to fit ohlins cause any problems?
  4. Dylanp0401

    Radiator & Oil cooler

    Radiator: I really can’t find a definitive answer on radiator. I plan to duct the radiator once I get the proper radiator. Im just struggling to choose which radiator. Is a single pass sufficient? Is a triple pass even better but provide too much pressure and not worth it for an N/A car? Which...
  5. PurposeBuiltRacing

    Testing new video formats in my TT3 Nasa Session. The Utah Full 4 mile track we only get to do this once a year!

    Tell me what you think of this video format.I normally do in the car and rear and try to see enough of the road from in the car, but cameras often mess up focusing on the interior. Also, in car, you see the violence of the G forces more.Seems a little video gamey, but I can see where the...
  6. Seabas

    P061B - Limb mode at full throttle in 4th / 5th gear only

    I m new in the Forum and also new to driving on tracks. I have had my second HPDE this weekend at CMP in SC with JTI and experienced some wired things with my car. My current car:2016 Mustang GT PP1 build by Ford with a ROUSH Stage 1 kit (6 speed manual). 61k miles After the first track day...
  7. Whiskeypapaaa

    Wheels for sale!

    So I currently have couple parts for sale. i have Apex wheels EC7 19x11, 5x114.5, ET52: 1600$ Spacers 50$ ARP extended lugs and nuts (new): 190$ This is everything you need to run the wheels on any S550. No tires included. Currently located in central Texas. Can ship but will be on your dime...
  8. Massimo

    Best Resonators for Lowering Volume of 5.0 with Full Exhaust

    I have a 2013 5.0 with a very loud exhaust. Not quite straight piped loud, but quite loud at anything above 30% throttle. It sounds great at WOT, but being that it’s a daily driver, I’d like it to be quieter when I’m just trying to take off from stoplights and such. So I’m looking at quieting it...
  9. Ponyboy

    NASA HDPE Event Weekend Warrior Tires and Wheels Setup

    Hey guys - I'd like to have a separate set of wheels and tires for NASA HPDE Events. I drive a 2017 Mustang GT performance package currently (19 in. staggered setup). I don't have any modifications on the wheels or body around the wheels. I'm in group 2 and race probably 3+ times a year. I'm...
  10. Wolvee

    S550 Rear LCA bearings ..only for drag racers?

    I was told by someone that installing rear LCA Spherical bearings will introduce binding with road racing cars and they are mostly for dragracing. Any truth to this, it confused me because I don’t understand how it could be true?
  11. MachUno

    Building it right for road course!

    Hi. I am new to the site and new to road course driving. I've done an HPDI at NCM in KY and & 1 track night. I could really use some advice on how to CORRECTLY build this car for 75% track use. What does the S550 need to be competitive and safe. Are heat issues a serious problem? Here is the...
  12. Whiskeypapaaa

    Ideas, Experiences and suggestions.

    I’m brand new to this forum page that I wish I found early. I’m currently living in germnay moving to Texas next month. The car is getting shipped and was wondering what people have done do there S550. List of things I have already: Engine: JLT CAI, Flowmaster outlaw Catback and flash tune from...
  13. jslindst16

    (2) Used Ford Performance Road Race Oil Pans for Sale

    We have (2) used Ford Performance Road Race Oil Pans for sale. They both came out of a Gen 2 motors in S550s. Local Pick up or free shipping to the lower 48 states. $850 each or best offer.
  14. Boss 302vs Pp1

    Hey everyone, been looking at the used mustang market recently seems to be low miles boss 302 goes for the same price as a used 2018+ pp1 mustang. What car is the better car for a fast street/track car? Whichever car I get I probably won’t do any crazy mods for the next few years. Will a boss...
  15. Roushdude

    S550 2015-2020 Roush Performance 1-way adjustable Coilovers with Vorshlag Adjustable Camber Plates ($1,600.00 obo)

    2015-2020 Mustang ROUSH Single Adjustable Coilover Suspension Kit + ($1,600.00 obo)Vorshlag S550 (2015-up) Mustang Camber/Caster Plates & OEM Perches Product highlights for the 2015-2020 Mustang ROUSH Single Adjustable Coilover Suspension Kit:Dramatic improvement in handling Approximate 1.5"...
  16. PaddyPrix

    (Sold) - FRPP Trackpack Struts and Shocks s550

    Sold.(Pics never coming shortly)
  17. SavetheManuals

    SOLD (4) 18x10 +42 Forgestar F14s Piano Black

    I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, and sane right now.I'm selling my set of 4, 18x10 +42 Forgestar F14s in Piano Black to make space for my incoming Apex 18x11s. This is a great set of lightweight, fully rotatable, square setup wheels for the street and/or the track.Asking $900 OBO...
  18. OPMustang Tim

    Trackspec 2018-2020 Hood Louver

    This kit includes GT4 Style Center vent and matching side vents. These vents REQUIRE hood cutting and drilling. Optimized louver design to maximize extraction flow velocities within a vehicle in motion Reduces under hood pressure delta to reduce front end lift and increase net vehicle...
  19. OPMustang Tim

    Trackspec Product Updates

    This is the GT4 Center vent for the S550 2015-2016 clearanced for the Boss 302 Intake. This will fit 2013-2014 Hoods.Please take note of the under side construction of Trackspec Products. Recently there have been some new vents on the market that do not have any support structure. If you...
  20. OPMustang Tim

    15-19 Mustang Rear Subframe Bushing Kit M-5872-M Service Replacement

    2015-2019 Ford Mustang S550 IRS SUBFRAME TO BODY BUSHING KIT: USA Sourced 6061 T6 Anodized aluminum bushing kit replaces factory rubber mounts between subframe and body Removes compliance from rear suspension Improves traction and helps reduce wheel hop Solidly Mounts the rear subframe to the...
  21. cortexracing

    CorteX EPAS Steering Simulator

    We've had this product available for several years now and have used it on several track cars. It was developed out of necessity so the EPAS could be used whenever applicable.P/N: EPAS-40-1000 (we will be adding it to the website soon but it's not currently there)Description: Electronic...
  22. Joseph Bimbo

    FOR SALE Whipple Supercharger Gen 3 2.9 Stage 2 Full Kit‼️$8,600‼️

    ‼️FOR SALE‼️Less then 1K miles on everythingPrefect working conditionWhipple Gen 3 2.9 Whipple Stage 2132mm Throttle Body with electronicsFuel rails have port for quick disconnect for fuel draining and swapping fuelsNo injectors or BAP10Rib pulley kit with 20% lower3.0/3.25 and...
  23. CompetitionMotorsport

    New S550/GT350/GT500 Roll Bar from Competition Motorsport

    Competition Motorsport would like to introduce our newest roll bar product: the CMS Performance Roll Bar for the Mustang S550, Shelby GT350 and GT500. It is a bolt-in four-point roll bar made from Docol R8, a modern ultra-high-strength steel that surpasses 4130 CrMo in every respect. It is fully...
  24. OPMustang Tim

    Watson Racing Products

    We carry Watson Racing Products for the S197 and S550 Mustangs. We have a freight order leaving this week to Florida. If any of you are in the area and were interested in any of their products let us know and we can save you on the shipping charges. We have 3 bare 4 point S550 Bars on the way...