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CorteX EPAS Steering Simulator


Supporting Vendor
We've had this product available for several years now and have used it on several track cars. It was developed out of necessity so the EPAS could be used whenever applicable.

P/N: EPAS-40-1000 (we will be adding it to the website soon but it's not currently there)

Description: Electronic module that allows the S197, S550, F150, and Raptor electric steering rack (EPAS) to turn on and operate standalone. The module simulates and broadcasts the CAN signals needed by the steering rack to turn on and provide power steering. Without the correct signals the EPAS system will be dead and not function at all.

Why is this needed?

The EPAS steering lighter and more reliable than the hydraulic steering system. It is also less complex as a system since there is no hydraulic pump on the engine and no need to use a power steering cooler.
  1. If you swap a coyote engine into a 05-10 S197 and want to use the EPAS steering rack.
  2. If you have a race car and will be using stand-alone engine management that eliminates all the factory wiring.
  3. Any other engine swap situation that will not retain the OEM electronics on S197s, S550s, F150, Raptors.

Some of the customers using it are:
  • Justin Pawlak (JTP) - Formula D Pro1 car
  • Matt Soppa - Mustang swapped Ford Fusion
  • Matt Alcala (Best of Show Coach Works) - Coyote Swapped 2005 S197 SLA
  • RPG Off Road - Raptor race trucks
  • CorteX in-house S550 racecar that uses the Ford Performance engine control pack


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  • EPAS-40-1000 Instructions.pdf
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