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  1. misterpeanut

    Strut Mount Bearing

    Hi All, I'm running MM Caster/Camber plates and their front track pack springs on Koni Yellows with an Eibach front anti-rollbar. Rather stiff setup. I was getting ready to install my bump steer kit and found the upper strut mount bearing blown up. Is this from a misalignment during initial...
  2. C_Brooke02

    S197 Suspension Points

    Would anyone happen to have a point cloud of the S197 suspension points? I would like to model the S197 in susprog or lotus shark to get some data to play with but I haven't been able to find anyone who's measured out the car. I currently don't have the time nor the space to do it to mine.
  3. Cornerz

    Confused on Ford springs

    I am trying to sort thru the massive amount of info on here about springs, and it has brought me to this question. We have L, KA, PA (P spring shows as discontinued). Consensus here seems to be that for a multi use Street/Autocross/4 day year track event car, P springs are a solid answer...
  4. That11GtGuy

    Might've bitten off more than I can chew on this one...

    Hey guys,I took a brief hiatus from car stuff while I pursued some other hobbies, and finally said "screw it" and got pretty much a whole suspension overhaul, minus sway bars, and took to installing it today. My brother and I, both definitely amateur mechanics, spent about 8 hours today...
  5. 2012 mustang suspension rebuild and upgrades.

    Hi all my 2012 GT is coming up on 150k and I have decided to park it to tackle much needed preventive maintence and do some upgrades.So far here is my shopping list, mind you suspension is currently full stock and I do street the car a lot as it is my part time daily.Out front: Prothane...
  6. That11GtGuy

    Suspension Overhaul Question

    Hey, all! Hope everyone is well, and hope your lap times are faster! Got a little preoccupied with work and school, so I haven't been as active on here as I would have liked to have been, but I'm ready to start spending some money on car stuff again.Just FYI, this will be a little long winded...
  7. Proto

    Relocation brackets. Weld or not.

    Recently installed the Cortex LCAs and Relocation brackets. Seen in the instructions about optional welding them in. Says it is a must for drag racing. I autocross and estimate about 400WHP. Will it be fine the way it is or should I have a shop weld it?
  8. Massimo

    Best Resonators for Lowering Volume of 5.0 with Full Exhaust

    I have a 2013 5.0 with a very loud exhaust. Not quite straight piped loud, but quite loud at anything above 30% throttle. It sounds great at WOT, but being that it’s a daily driver, I’d like it to be quieter when I’m just trying to take off from stoplights and such. So I’m looking at quieting it...
  9. Proto

    SIR Autocross

    Went and found a second region to run autocross with. Southern Indiana Region guys. First time out at their place today. Little different flow than I was used to but it went well.At Rantoul, we normally start first car off at 9:30 and do a morning heat of 5 runs. Then the afternoon we would...
  10. jslindst16

    (2) Used Ford Performance Road Race Oil Pans for Sale

    We have (2) used Ford Performance Road Race Oil Pans for sale. They both came out of a Gen 2 motors in S550s. Local Pick up or free shipping to the lower 48 states. $850 each or best offer.
  11. That11GtGuy

    To Sticker or Not To Sticker

    Do pardon my naivety on this subject, but stickers? I have spent a lot of time on this page over the last couple of weeks, and I have seen a TON of truly incredible cars, lots of which that have a bunch of stickers. I've kinda fallen in love with this look so I decided instead of trying to...
  12. That11GtGuy

    Will These Work?

    Hello everyone! I have been on this site about a million times trying to learn the ins and outs of suspension and the parts that make mustangs handle really well, and then I decided to finally make an account and ask some questions for myself. For some context, I am a college student that has...
  13. Massimo

    Aftermarket Recaro Racing Seats - No Airbag Light

    Hey guys,I'm looking at installing some cloth Recaro Pole Position seats in my 2013 Mustang GT. I've done a lot of research on making sure I don't get an airbag light after everything is fully installed, but still have some questions I cannot find answers to. I'm hoping one of you that has...
  14. KonaBoss

    S197 ISO - Speed of Sound triple pillar pod

    I know its a stretch, but I am on a hunt for a triple pillar gauge pod for a 2012 Boss 302. Looking for the charcoal finish. As far as I can tell Speed of Sound does not make this anymore, so if anyone has one that they would like to sell please let me know. I'm not a fan of the autometer one...
  15. SavetheManuals

    S197 FS: Flowmaster Outlaw and American Thunder Axlebacks/Mufflers

    Selling both Flowmaster Outlaw and American Thunder Axlebacks for S197.Both were bought used this year but I didn't even put on the Outlaws and only tried the American Thunders for a week. Ended up getting Borla S Type. Both are in great physical condition, although the black paint American...
  16. stealth_coyote5.0

    2012 Mustang GT Track Build

    2012 Mustang GTEngine: •Boss 302 intake manifold •BBK 85mm throttle body •Airaid intake •Off road x pipe •Bama Tune •Deleted resonators •Deleted mufflers •Quad Tips •JLT oil catch cans passenger & driver •Boss 302 oil coolerSuspension: •Koni sport yellow adjustable struts •BMR...
  17. 67GTA

    S197 @4o6racing

    This is the Build Thread for S197 #406. Reply below.
  18. SeanBoss302

    GLOC Brake Pads for S197 and 13-14 GT500 Calipers

    Hello Everyone,I have some lightly used GLOC pads with barely any wear so tons of like left. Prices include shipping and PayPal fees (USD)GLOC R8 2013-2014 GT500 Front Brembo $195 GLOC R16 2013-2014 GT500 Front Brembo $215 GLOC R8 S197 Rear pads $100PM or email me @...
  19. SavetheManuals

    SOLD (4) 18x10 +42 Forgestar F14s Piano Black

    I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, and sane right now.I'm selling my set of 4, 18x10 +42 Forgestar F14s in Piano Black to make space for my incoming Apex 18x11s. This is a great set of lightweight, fully rotatable, square setup wheels for the street and/or the track.Asking $900 OBO...
  20. Curious about installing an automatic transmission with paddle shifters.

    I have been thinking that it is time for a new transmission in my 2013, and I am pretty much deadset on keeping it manual. Or at least I thought I was and then I got to thinking how hard it would be to swap an auto in and mount some paddle shifters in. So my question is, would it be worth or...
  21. KonaBoss

    WTB: Tires for stock boss wheels

    All,Since I recently completed the suspension overhaul on my car, the next order of business is finding some replacement tires for my stock 9 year old Pirelli's (would like to actually be able to enjoy the changes I made...). The plan is to eventually move up to a set of Apex EC-7 19x10 square...
  22. First Suspension upgrades.

    End of the year is coming up, and I have decided that I want to start tracking my car. Are there any important suspension upgrades that I should consider doing sooner rather than later? or anything I can do now to help the suspension?
  23. cortexracing

    CorteX EPAS Steering Simulator

    We've had this product available for several years now and have used it on several track cars. It was developed out of necessity so the EPAS could be used whenever applicable.P/N: EPAS-40-1000 (we will be adding it to the website soon but it's not currently there)Description: Electronic...
  24. WTB S197 Suspension, Manual swap parts,

    Hey there, I am a long time lurker of this forum so figured I'd see if any of yall had some suspension stuff around. I've had my 2005 GT for about a year now (bone stock) and have been collecting parts to start building it into a weekend track car (maybe iron spec?) this winter.Im looking...
  25. Joseph Bimbo

    FOR SALE Whipple Supercharger Gen 3 2.9 Stage 2 Full Kit‼️$8,600‼️

    ‼️FOR SALE‼️Less then 1K miles on everythingPrefect working conditionWhipple Gen 3 2.9 Whipple Stage 2132mm Throttle Body with electronicsFuel rails have port for quick disconnect for fuel draining and swapping fuelsNo injectors or BAP10Rib pulley kit with 20% lower3.0/3.25 and...
  26. RodS197

    Setting my bump steer the right way (hopefully)

    After tracking my car for 4+ years on the hopes that the FR500S setup (control arms and tie rod ends) had OK bump steer settings, and not having any issues up to that point, I was going through the car before a track day and found a loose ball joint. (Of course it was the Monday before a track...
  27. OPMustang Tim

    Watson Racing Products

    We carry Watson Racing Products for the S197 and S550 Mustangs. We have a freight order leaving this week to Florida. If any of you are in the area and were interested in any of their products let us know and we can save you on the shipping charges. We have 3 bare 4 point S550 Bars on the way...