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Another update post!

I ended up buying some shortened rear bump stops from Maximum Motorsports to replace my old stock ones. With the moderate drop of my Steeda Springs it really didn't make much difference in street driving but it definitely did when taking it to the limit on the next few autocrosses. The back of the car rolls much more and doesn't feel quite as skittish. And big bumps in the parking lot don't bounce me up in my seat anymore either, so that's good.

With that being said, I think more suspension mods are needed to correct the geometry from being lowered (like EF1 was saying above). I am still having to be relatively easy on the accelerator until the wheel is basically straight. And this past weekend the car was wheel hopping noticeably when you started loading up that rear tire coming out of a corner (and pushing just a tad harder would break loose entirely). Its kind of weird but as soon as the steering wheel is straight the wheel hop is gone but it does spin some.

Anyways, I feel like there is more left for the tire to give than that. So I think the next step is relocation brackets and possibly lower control arms but I need some guidance. I've been reading on here and other mustangs sites about anti-squat and it seems to me that the ideal angle for the LCAs is to be level at rest but it doesn't seem like you can't achieve that perfectly. So maybe a slight downward angle toward the axle is the next best option? My only concern with that is some of the roll steer characteristics, I want to make the car easier to drive fast and stay stable at high speeds. So I am not sure how it would feel going from a roll understeer to a roll oversteer by changing up the suspension. Maybe I should try just doing LCAs first and see if the bushings are just too soft?

In the somewhat near future, I think I am planning to do Vorshlag's Street Pro kit with FRPP K Springs as well so I will be dropping it roughly another half inch. I wanted to do this next but figured it would be best to solve what's holding me back the most first.

And finally, my best runs from the last two autocrosses. Continual improvement driver wise, getting a little closer to top PAX each time. 28/98 on the two day event and 22/98 on the one day.

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