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#15 Mustang resurrection thread

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Phoenix, Az
Taking a note from Steve, lol.

So if anyone remembers, a few weeks ago I was backed into, denting in the rear quarter panel (and just a few weeks after hitting some road debris that tore up my tiger hood).

Fast forward a couple months (my guys don't work nearly as quickly as #21's team) The body work is 90% complete, still some prep work on the hood to be done, and the rear fender is mostly complete sans some finish work. They were able to push it out from the inside vs welding/pulling which saves a ton of filler from having to go on the car vs what was expected. I'm very happy there, although the whole side of the car will have to be painted (in fact, damn near the whole car will be painted by the time this is said and done, just the roof, driver's side and front bumper won't be touched).

Its taken a while longer than expected, but the work so far has been much better than I expected. Additionally, I've put in 20 hours myself in getting some custom work done (stripping wheels for paint and installing a number of items). As a PSA, never, ever plastidip wheels, friends don't let friends do that sort of thing. It took 10 hours to get the wheels more or less ready for paint. Between scraping, peeling, nail-based warfare, chemical warfare and sanding operations, I'm not sure how one can feel as sore as I do.


Hmm: (the trick was to spray more on)

After 6 hours: (I could seriously write a book on the technique for removal)

new rear lines:

stripped wheels:

blacked out the backs of the GT500 axlebacks:

In the air, wheels sanded and ready to go (new rotors up front, had cracked my factory set):

yellow blaze brembos!:


The hood has definitely seen better days (but the bad paint has been stripped, there were 3 layers of paint on this thing, and the bottom had never cured after 6 months, some weird chemical issue).

"new" hubs (courtesy of 06GT/Arizona GT, Thanks mang!)

The wheels will be finished in a dark charcoal/metallic gloss finish with new center caps, I wish I had thought far enough ahead to order a tow hook kit from Rehagen Racing but time and money is short, and I need to order a new EPAS rack first.

Hopefully in a week this will be a complete car again.

Edit, only I would misspell resurrection
Looking good! It super sucks when shiznit happens beyond your control. I hit a drywall minefield on the highway and the car in front of me threw a nice big chunk into my brand new custom brake scoops. They were on the car for two whole days....

Happy to see you making progress...

Can't help but wonder how long those Brembos will stay bright yellow..

Shameless plug -

I have a Front Bumper Beam M-17757-MB and Tow Hook Kit M-17954-A still new in the box from Rehagen

Ended up using the CoolTech Kit

Might let them go cheap ;)

Also looking to get myself the FR EPAS rack ;)
ArizonaGT said:
Zquez just be glad that junk didn't take out your new splitter!

Looking good dude...

Yeah I guess. The splitter would've been easier to replace. lol The piece was literally sitting on top of my splitter when I got to where I was going.


Phoenix, Az
steveespo said:
Your painter isn't one of OSHA's biggest fans huh? He really should wear at least a charcoal respirator in the booth.
Paint looks good, did they scuff sand the clear on the car and blend and reclear? The right way to do it.

I was in there as well, I felt like hell the next day.

Clear was processed yesterday in that matter, I'm hoping the final cut/buff looks good.


Phoenix, Az
Also, the pictures are misleading in how the steps progressed. Some of that masking was for color only, then midcoat blending was done without masking (using a midcoat that had some of the base in it to tint/blend), then another layer of the midcoat until the tone was correct, then the clear work. I'm just glad all but 2 panels of the car were painted together, helps keep a continuity and blends to a minimum.
Nope! None in my bag! I'll call and see if I can get one. I think the contents of the bag changed over time. Was there May of last year.

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