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Gen1 1966 Coupe - Project "Street car" Build Thread Profile - Gen 1 Mustangs

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Few photos of the way things have been sitting for the last few months... I had the engine together last year, but I never went through the cylinder heads and I just did not have a good feeling running used valve train in this application so back apart she came... Getting all new titanium valves, conical springs, and a new cam to work better with the new valvetrain weights .

Having the engine out made me lose motivation for a while. It needs a lot of finish work but I have got the suspension , brakes, steering done. While waiting my transmission finally showed up (after about 5 months) I could not wait and had to mock the engine up so I could measure for a driveline. I am hoping this 4" AL slip shaft holds up.. Time will tell .

Need to get some "wide body" flares going for the thing, I still haven't figured out how I am going to do those (any of you who know me have probably heard me biznitch about that a time or two in the last 6 months.. ) That is all for now.. Hopefully next time I am back the engine is running in the car.. Hah!





Here is a few more random photos

This was exciting, until the engine sprung a leak from either the pan or timing cover seal.... And out it comes again! Was getting ready for a maiden voyage down the road... Damn

In the mean time maybe I should clean up the shop.. lol



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Fun write up for all us old farts who grew up with friends or had 60-70 Mustangs ourselves. My best friend in Wichita had green GT convertible and I have to admit it was the impetus for me to enjoy and desire a Mustang throughout the years. Really fun to watch you rebuild the 65 into a new fire breathing steed and I am sure he will scare the crap out of other machines in the near future.
I don't think anything they have would fit. Maybe the super wide ones but... I am not a fan of the look.... I have the 3" glass fender and they are no where near fitting so I am just going the more custom route.. Only downside is it is going to be steel.. Hopefully I can have some updates on the body in the next few months.. That is the one thing I don't wish to tackle.

Here is a video of the car from earlier this year.. Still needs some tuning on the ecu side which I hope to do as soon as the car is out of the body shop...
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Here is a video of the car from earlier this year.. Still needs some tuning on the ecu side which I hope to do as soon as the car is out of the body shop... Made 610/460 on the hub dyno.

View attachment 81659
I love it, im sure it won't be long until some Subi clown writes in the comments on how his car makes 10K HP and can smoke any V8.
I live for that kind of thing.

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