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1st service today-lots of trucks and a police car!

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Kerry, San Diego
Took the Boss in today for its first service. The car has only 700 miles on it so it was a "yearly service". There were no issues to attend to, so it was just an oil and filter change.

Boss #1804 is the first domestic vehicle I have purchased in 30 years. (My last domestic purchase was a 1982 Mustang GT).

The GM of the dealership knew that I was a "nervous nellie" and that I was concerned about having a competent service experience. He hooked me up with a service advisor with a 14 year history with the dealership who personally drove the Boss to the rack. They also hooked me up with a technician with 12 years experience with the dealership.

What a service department eye opener. The dealership service department was full of trucks.

Expensive trucks.

Heavy duty trucks.

F250's, 350's, 450's.

The trucks I saw were not work trucks. They were lifted trucks. Bling trucks. Chrome trucks. I do not think they saw much labor.

The dealership-North County Ford in Vista (San Diego area), also contracts with local police departments for service. I asked my service advisor how they test drive those police vehicles. He says they put "out of service" labeling on them.

I walked the sales lot while the Boss is being serviced. They have just a few new 2013 Mustangs, but they are sold out of Boss' and GT 500's.

They have some new all electric vehicles, that I was not even aware Ford made. $42000. Not cheap.

Those of you who have the opportunity to purchase a new Boss or GT500 at MSRP, count you blessings.

The isn't much to choose from in SoCal, and what is available has an ADM.

I walked through the truck lot. I know NOTHING about trucks. The trucks were $50K to $60K.

OMG-I no idea. I must say a $50K truck has a nicer quality interior then a Boss Mustang.

All in all, the service experience went just fine.
I have a 07.5 Silverado K2500 diesel, which I always thought was nice. While hunting for deals on leftover '12 GT500's I found some really good deals on leftover '12 diesel crew cabs, air conditioned seats, etc... Holy **** they're nice. I was minutes away from trading in my truck and cancelling my Boss order, fortunately I figured out before it was too late, that they don't put posi rear ends in these trucks. They rely on traction control to get it done and if you need to lock it you can manually lock it with an "elocker". I just couldn't get past spending so much on something that was missing something so basic that I want. I went and sat in a new Denali crew cab diesel and the Ford really makes it look dated and even small. I decided to keep my paid for truck and continue to wait for my Q3 LS.
Bay Area
Hey Four Walling- WHat part of SD are you in? I live in Cbad and have a PW Boss. Im glad you shared your experience about NC Ford because I have been looking for another dealer to take my car into.


Kerry, San Diego
byronj said:
Hey Four Walling- WHat part of SD are you in? I live in Cbad and have a PW Boss. Im glad you shared your experience about NC Ford because I have been looking for another dealer to take my car into.

Ask for the service advisor, John Sikes, and tell him that Kerry with the red 2012 Boss showing 700 miles on the odo referred you to him and the technician, Matt.

I live east of you in an unincorporated area of San Diego County.

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