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S550 2019 Magnetic GT350 (completed Version 2.0) Build Thread Profile - S550 Mustangs

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You could use Steel-It stainless steel spray paint for your cockpit. It's a similar grey to your exterior paint and it allows you to weld even after paint if you ever want to do some add-ons or mods. We did my wife's racecar interior and engine bay with it, and lots of Baja racers and FD pros are using it nowadays. Super easy to spray (with a HVLP gun or spray cans, both work great) and gives you a nice stainless steel low gloss finish.
Had both cars at the last westmont carshow Of the year. I almost got beached on the parking lot exit with the 350 bcuz my fiance couldnt get the 500 “to go” until i told her to “hit the gas more” lol

kids were all sitting inside, my daughter and all her friends were treating the 350 like a jungle gym

Well, what a crazy weekend, gingerman on saturday and chicago auto pros charity event sunday. I was one of the people giving rides to raffle winners on south.
was feeling rushed for the first raffle winner on cold r7’s

cars going back to URW for installing my new aim mxp 1.2 strada dash, repair the leaking bleeders, new unreleased spl upper rear control arms, more camber front and rear, and i ordered an aj hartmann front splitter i ordered up.
upgraded my safety gear yesterday


I cant believe the omp 48’s fit my 15 foot….bell cf helmet (adding stickers and coms soon) and new sparco suit.

NEXT YEAR, i hope to have a track day with @TMSBOSS, and meet a lot more of you guys unless we start speaking russian and have to track ladas. A lot more gingerman, hopefully road america, and maybe mid ohio etc etc.

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