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S550 2019 Magnetic GT350 Version 2.0 Build Thread Profile - S550 Mustangs

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Sounds like a great way to spend the day. we're heading to Road America this weekend for some HPDE. Brainerd International the following weekend. Then its probably bed time for the winter!
I wish i could go but i will be in austin for motorgp this weekend.
Well everyone my seasons over… going back to URW for refreshing of everything, giro discs front and rear…. Full cage, painted, with fire supressions, carbon fiber roof and doors….. i plan on doing the GT series at autobahn next year and get w2w ceetified.

will keep everyone in the loop as it happens.
Roofs off to do cage… doors and roof shi;ped, watson cage is en route. Ordered sparco wheel with quick disconnect. Gt500 oil pan kit ordered.


thats the 500 above it getting custom cat delete pipes (no one sells em any,ore) pulley and tune.
Welp….carbonfiber doors came freight damaged…..the boxes looked like the beginning scene of ace ventura…..but the most disappointing thing has been the watson cage. The build quality is absolute garbage with 1/4’‘ gaps between joints, and the drivers side bar is so low they have to modify the entire cage. Id highly recommend against going with them moving forward as their customer service is laughable. The apillar tube is literally at my eye line.

(Not me in test seat)




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If you're a taller feller, that seat spacing is unfortunately going to be your reality too. If you've got a really high spring rate, definitely wear your helmet because those side blows still really hurt.

Bill Pemberton

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Geez, Tony, that sucks big time! Hard to believe the build quality ( or lack there of ) and I can't imagine how much more you will need to spend to correct the situation?

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