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302s brake cooling duct

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Done some searching but was wondering what route I should go for brake cooling ducts. I was looking at the 302S duct for the bumper and it looks like it could swallow a bird compared to the very expensive tiny plastic hole on the LS. I was just wondering how one would mount it to a boss 302 bumper. Pics or info is much appreciated
I believe they are riveted directly to the plastic front fascia on the 302S.... 'Because race car!'

I think the 302S brake duct diameter is larger as well, so you'd either have to come up with an adaptor for the Laguna duct to mate to the larger 302S inlet or switch to the larger 302S duct, in which case you'd then have to rework the dust shield outlet....


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Yes, because racecar. Riveted to the fascia, plus 4" ducting from what I can tell. Plus custom CF mounting plates at the hub that ensure the cool air is directed through the hub center and rotor vanes.
Guess I'll just have to see if I can fab something up. I was planning on getting those 302 s/r intakes and using blowfish racing ducts and backing plate. Also plan to use their tow hook/splitter mount and make my own abs plastic splitter over the winter.


Race tracks have turns!
I just bought the kit form Ford, it was an easy install. Only problem, was routing the tubing... as shown in the instructions it will rub on the tires. I had to cram it into an available space, put in lots of bundle ties, and it's worked all year so far.
I have noticed some people closing up the inlet holes when they are not on the track... at least put a screen over it so rocks and stuff doesn't get in there.

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