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Re: What to BOLO for with MT-82 going bad?

I have recently been having problems with my transmission too. I'm going to drain the fluid and check it out myself, since the dealer thinks "everything is normal". The transmission will never be like an S2000, but it can be butter...when its working. Ive had problems from day one, and generally just dont like how it feels, but recently there have been bigger issues such as grinding, getting locked out of 2nd, difficult shifts etc. I thought it was a clutch problem, but my car passed the 4th gear start test, which should stall the car if your clutch still has life. I'm going to drain the trans and get a magnet to see if I can fish out any evidence of metal. I'm on original fluid, and my car now has 21,000 km's on it. However, I have never tracked the car.


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Re: What to BOLO for with MT-82 going bad?

Keep in mind that shiftng problems do not always correlate to tranny problems. We believe:

  • The slave cylinder is not designed very well
  • The return spring on the clutch pedal is an issue
  • The stock clutch is very suspect, it apparently has an issue keeping up with the revs on our engine
  • The stock shifter is totally not track capable

As for the fluid, I use Redline MTL. I swap it out 3 to 4 times a season. You should replace it regularly if you track your car a significant number of times a season. Same goes for the rear diff (I used Redline lightweight shockproof back there), which is just as important to swap out if not even more important.


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Re: What to BOLO for with MT-82 going bad?

sys999 said:
Wanted to start a thread to ask those who had their transmissions replaced the question, "What should I be on the lookout for when the MT-82 is going bad?"

At last track day, I had a few 3-4 grinds and one 3-4 refusal. Since then, I had a 1-2 refusal and twice the transmission absolutely did not go into 2nd from a dead stop since I rarely pull from 1st around town. Before this, a little grind when really cold, but no refusals, lockouts, grinds, pedal-to-floor issues, no anything.

Could she just need a fluid change? I have 8 track hours and 15.5k miles on it and there is some RL MTF sitting in my closet. The difference in transmission action in my S2000 was night and day when I went over to RL MTF and I'm hoping these aren't signs of a warranty replacement coming down the pipe.

Thanks in advance for your tips!

EDIT: My 2012 is #1845, so it should not have the old TSBed trans fluid as FF.

OK, that is how mine started and then no 5th gear. Off to the dealer and a new rebuilt transmission for me. I would drive it as advertised. It is what it is no way to stop it. Most likely the transmission will get worse. At that time off to the dealer and when they are replacing or rebuilding upgrade the clutch, shifter and pull the clutch assist spring. Made mine a different car to drive (in a good way) Also Ford has been great to deal with I must say. You have a 5 year warranty drive the car Ford will stand behind it, they know these transmissions are a weak spot. I would however forget to tell them you track the car.
Re: What to BOLO for with MT-82 going bad?

I had my first 1-2nd lock out at high rmp yesterday(redline) while showing a Shelby owner how the BOSS pulls. VERY embarrasing. I had him in the passenger seat and his 6'4" nephew in the back and he was impressed non the less. We were at The Williams Lake stampede parade and this pull was after about an hour of very slow stop and go traffic in 33dgree celcius weather.
By the way, my BOSS got 1st place automobile in the parade.

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