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70 Stripes on a 12

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Was asked to post a few pictures on the 70/13 style stripes on my 12. If I get around to it I will add the hood stripes when I get the hood painted. Stripes made really good work and I highly recommend them, look at the front fender 8)
I like it. Love that hood. Wish I could find pics of the 2013 version.

You going to swap out the tail lights to 2013s?
Is that PJ's Boss? :)
Thanks everybody for the comments. I am at the track and will answer questions when I get home.

As for who made them it was , I updated the first post. More about the stripes here

and yes that is my Boss on the home page, notice the non-black roof ;D I'm just like proud dad ;D ;D


YellowBoss said:
More about the stripes here

Hey, the helmet and RR Boss in that post sure look familiar! ;)
drano38 said:
Hey, the helmet and RR Boss in that post sure look familiar! ;)

Hey, it's public domain now 8)

batman48195 said:
Looks great! Reflective?


killerwill13 said:
Yellowboss I just realized that you and I have 12 and 13 Boss plates in Florida!

I got lucky with the early build car, friend of mine put Boss personalized plates on his truck until the Boss came in, as you know you can not just reserve a plate.

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