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Any Cooks Onboard?


OK.. my base...

I use tomatoes from the garden...

I skip the star anise...

I use half brown/half white sugar...

I add a little bit of different vinegars instead of all apple cider...

I caramelize the onions to oblivion... and I simmer the sauce for about 3 hours.. check & stir about every 30 minutes..

and at the end I just put it in a blender and bottle it...

good luck, we love it
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Huntsville, AL
So the company that Holly works for is in CA on the same campus as Google. One of the executives lives in Livermore which is only about 20 miles North, but an hour and a half drive in rush hour. Anyway, there is a really good BBQ joint in downtown Livermore called Sauced. It’s real deal BBQ. I think one of the proprietors is from GA. We eat there every time we go.

The first time they carried us they were so excited to take us and have us try this wonderful appetizer. They explained they take tortilla chips and cover it with BBQ and cheese sauce and BBQ sauce and jalapeños…it’s so delicious. Holly and I looked at them and said ohhh…you mean nachos. That’s what we call them.


For you Cali guys that live within an hour of Livermore… if you have never tried Sauced, it’s definitely worth the drive.

Mad Hatter

Gotta go Faster
Santiago, Chile
Waiting to race again one day...... :(. In the mean time couldn't make up my mind between a Brine or a Rub for some Pork.... so ended up doing both. Turned out well!


and for a snack!! nothing like a good burger! 7 oz pattie, with bacon, cheese etc.. Love cucumber as well.

I got the ingredients for an eggplant parm to be assembled.....plan on getting the sauce going later you know, no pics from me.....stop by tho if you're in the neighborhood for a sample.....garlic bread and salad are optional............Bon appetite!!!!!!!!!!
OK, I'm finally getting down to makin the sauce for the eggplant parm........Hon left pots and pans out....Hint Hint Hint!!!!!!!!!!!...I get the message!!!!..First thing is to chop up garlic, onion and green pepper......saute that in your sauce pot with some olive oil or margarine/ add some ragu or something equivalent..I don't have any fresh tomato from last summer...I'm adding a can of crushed tomatoes and lots of oregano and some Italian seasoning......This has to simmer for a while..........Tomorrow I'll fry the Eggplant in olive oil and a batter of egg, milk and seasonings (your Preference) and Italian flavored bread crumbs....I'm going with 3 med size eggplants to fill a med Pyrex dish.........Assembly will be Sunday with sauce , eggplant and lots of Moz cheese piled in layers........heated at 350/400 til things are bubbling and cheese in browning.....I haven't done this in over two yrs!!!!!!!!!...I hope it's like riding a bike or other things...:biggrin:
Frying that eggplant takes the most time!!! I don't enjoy being on my feet in front of a frying pan, but this is the price I pay to enjoy that eggplant be it..........I can't believe I made an eggplant parm AND a lasagna in 2 days for Christmas yrs ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!...............and now it's takin 3 days for an eggplant parm.............count your blessings when you were younger.......Boys!!!!!!!!!.

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