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Any info on a Shelby Focus?

Rumor has it Shelby American has a Focus under wraps. Last year when I was there they had a Mustang under wraps that John Luft was just smiling and saying it was something very special. That of course turned out to be the Shelby 1000. I'm certainly not expecting something like that but it wouldn't take a lot to improve upon the ST.
That would be cool.

Thanks for the info. I've been thinking of getting a stock Focus ST and I'd like to see the Shelby if it comes into a reality. I may go to the auto show to see what they have planned.
Something is very close to being revealed... That aint no Mustang under the black and gold cover!
Yep and we'll know tomorrow what the details are. Since I'm back to driving my truck to work every day, I'm back to $500/mo in fuel. It wouldn't cost me much to drive one of these if it got double the 16 MPG I'm currently getting.
Here's some info on it:

Disappointing that the power level is the same. :(
Jeff said:
i don't get better than 15 in mine. maybe it's my driving style?

Yeah well the conditions are everything. I can get 24 on the HWY, but only 5 at Laguna Seca. Here's a quote: "It has been tuned to produce more than 300 hp while still getting up to 40 mpg, according to Shelby American"

Read more here:

The package is about $15k.
yeah I don't do really any highway driving. my commute to work is 20 or so miles of pretty good back roads.

I like the exhaust on the shelby but that's about it.
I knew they'd dick up the interior. why change the seats?! they're fabulous.
I do dig the idea of a hotted up ST though...been toying with picking one up and messing around pre-focus RS.

Sheesh, even the old Focus had a V8 conversion. That seems more in line with what I would expect from Shelby. Even the GLH was a more extreme effort (no sound deadening, etc.). Is it too early to start saying, "If ol' Shel were still around...?"


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