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Any of you guys using z-max?

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I have run z-max in all my cars for a long time now. I put some in the boss yesterday. I figure if carol shelby puts it in his super snakes it cant hurt to put it in my boss. cost me twice as much this first time cause one bottle only treats 7 qrts so I had to use three oz of a another bottle as per the directions.


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I've been duped ! ;D

AZ 7
CT 0

I'm thinking that's a good name for a fluid to market to the Cobra crowd, taking it seriously. DUH ! ::)

(keep quiet Rick ! ;D LOL )
This is my take on it. It's also sold under Avblend for piston engine airplanes and it did came in a small metal bottle. The inside of this bottle didn't looked treated at all. But yet ever time I opened one it was full for something that soaks into metal it NEVER soaked into that metal. The outside of the can was always dry. Now it comes in a plastic bottle guess they got to many phone calls.
The FTC kicked their ass in court and got them to sign a consent decree to quit telling lies about the product. It is 99% mineral oil. " ZMAX is a uniquely processed mineral oil that has demonstrated its ability to improve fuel economy, reduce engine deposits, and reduce wear through the process of micro-lubrication."

13. The CRC L38 test protocol, referenced in zMax advertisements, including, but not limited to, Exhibits 1 through 4, is a laboratory engine test protocol that has been accepted as an automotive industry standard only for purposes of measuring the bearing corrosion performance of motor oils. In February/March 1997, an independent laboratory performed two modified CRC L38 tests on behalf of Defendants -- one test on motor oil alone and the other on the same motor oil treated with zMax. In these tests, motor oil treated with zMax produced more than twice as much bearing corrosion than the motor oil alone (185.7 milligrams of bearing weight loss for the treated oil versus 74.1 milligrams for the untreated oil).

14. zMax advertisements, including, but not limited to Exhibits 1 through 4, falsely portray the two CRC L38 test reports as a single report prepared by an independent testing laboratory. Defendants have created a fabricated independent testing laboratory “report” (which has a cover sheet from the testing laboratory and bears its letterhead on every written page) that edits out the bearing corrosion results and all other data that show a detriment from the use of zMax in the treated versus untreated motor oil CRC L38 tests. This fabricated report is shown in the infomercial, and the “official laboratory results” -- similarly edited to remove data showing a detriment from the use of zMax -- are reproduced on the zMax website.

I wouldn't put that stuff in my car. All the evidence I have seen says it does nothing and there is even a lawsuit to back it up.

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